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Kamis, 29 September 2011

T-ara Album

22 May:

T-ara has released a new music video for their remake of old-school singer Nami‘s “Round and Round“.
The remake was originally released in August of 2011 as an intended follow-up to “Roly Poly“, but “Cry Cry” was chosen in favor of the 80s remake. ”Round and Round” is now being included in a project album called ‘Sonata 2012: 33 Songs Selected by T-ara – High School Days‘.
The album will feature 33 tracks selected by T-ara, including songs by Davichi, Jo Sung MoSG WannabeNam GyuriYangpa, and the members of T-ara themselves. It’s planned for release on May 23 KST.
Check out the music video below.
Source: Yes24 - allkpop

10 Mar:

T-ara has announced that they will be releasing their first official Japanese album this year to coincide with the launch of their nationwide tour.
According to ‘Oricon Style‘, T-ara will be releasing their album in June ahead of their live tour, which begins in Nagoya on June 19th. With their increasing popularity and their cute appeal, the girls are expected to draw in a total of 40,000 people for this tour.
Their album will include “Bo Peep Bo Peep” as well as new Japanese songs produced specifically for the album.
Source: OSEN via Naver - allkpop

22 Feb:

Girl group T-ara has just unveiled a PV teaser for their new song, “Lies“.
“Lies” was originally in 2009 as part of T-ara’s ‘Absolute First Album‘. It’s been remastered and remade for a Japanese audience, and it looks like the song will be accompanied by a new music video.
In the video, the girls belt out a wonderful harmony while giving melancholy looks to the camera. “Lies” will be included as a B-side for ‘Limited Edition A’ of their ‘Roly-Poly‘ Japanese single, which will be released on February 29th.
Check out their teaser below!

Source: allkpop
19 January:

T-ara’s music video for “Lovey-Dovey in Tokyo” has gained 1 million hits in one day.
In just one  day, the music video gained 150,000 hits on GomTV alone, and with the view counts fromYouTube, Naver, Daum, and other various portal sites added in, the total is brought up to a whopping 1 million views.
In this version of the music video (which was released a day earlier than planned due to fans’ demand) the girls of T-ara display a carefree and lively side that we were not able to see in the original drama version of the music video.
T-ara will be performing a special stage on January 19’s ‘M! Countdown’ and January 21’s ‘Music Core’ with lablemate Co-Ed School’s Kwang HengSungmin, and Hyewon.
Source: Sports Korea - allkpop

18 January:

A few weeks ago, T-ara kicked off their “Lovey Dovey” promotions with an MV teaser for “Lovey Dovey in Tokyo“. The full version has just been released, and it’s filled to the brim with fun shots from their time in Japan.
The girls are seen bowling, rocking out at a club, and enjoying themselves generally in Tokyo. The song used in the video is “Lovey Dovey (Club Remix Ver.)“.
Check out their MV below!

Source: allkpop

11 January:

T-ara promised fans that a zombie invasion was coming, and it looks like it’s finally here — in the form of “Lovey Dovey Zombie“, that is.
The girls filmed several versions of their “Lovey Dovey” music video, one of which involved zombies at a nightclub. Actress Im Soo Hyang cameoed in the MV, which saw unsuspecting partygoers getting snatched up one by one by the undead.
Check out this fun music video below!

Source: allkpop
8 January:

T-ara‘s “Lovey Dovey” (drama version) music video is gaining much attention.
According to the view counts on January 7th, the video has gained over 3 million views in total onYouTube and GomTV within 5 days of release.
YouTube view count stands at 2.49 million while GomTV is reporting over 570,000 views, bringing up the total to over 3 million.
The music video also ranked #1 on GomTV’s real time music video chart, beating out IU and Trouble Maker.
The audience demographic for the video is widespread and records views from all over the world.
As reported earlier, there will be a total of 5 different music videos for “Lovey Dovey”, with the 2nd version being released on January 10th.
Source: Star News - allkpop

3 January:

T-ara‘s new song “Lovey Dovey” has made an instant all-kill on the music charts!
On January 3rd, “Lovey Dovey” hit #1 on the real-time charts from Mel0nCymusicNaverDaum,Soribada, and Mnet. Considering how fans have been waiting months for T-ara’s follow-up song, it’s no surprise that it immediately grabbed the top spot on music charts upon its release.
Netizens are speculating that “Lovey Dovey” will reign charts for a while, especially since it’s the new year and many of T-ara’s fellow artists have wrapped up their album promotions. The girls’ music program appearances and their dramatic music video should also help to consolidate their top position.
Source: allkpop

2 January:

After unveiling both the full MV for “Lovey Dovey” as well as the MV teaser for “Lovey Dovey in Tokyo“, T-ara has finally released their latest album, ‘Funky Town‘.
The album is comprised of eight tracks, which include “Lovey Dovey”, “Cry Cry (Ballad Version)“, and “We Were In Love“. Fans will also find some of their tracks from their mini album such as “Goodbye, OK“, “O My God“, as well as “I’m So Bad“.
Check out some of the select tracks below, and remember to support T-ara by purchasing their album!
01. “Lovey Dovey”
02. “We Were In Love”
03. “Lovey Dovey” (Club remix)
04. “Cry Cry”
08. “Cry Cry” (Ballad Version)
Source: allkpop

T-ara has finally unleashed the sequel to their action-packed MV for “Cry Cry“!
Cha Seung Won is back, and he’s joined by Eunjung and Qri, two juvenile thieves who get entangled in something much darker after they accidentally steal a bag full of drugs.
In addition to “Lovey Dovey”, T-ara & Davichi‘s “We Were In Love” was incorporated to the MV as well.
Find out what happens next in the MV for “Lovey Dovey” below!
Source: allkpop

After a long, long wait, girl group T-ara has finally unveiled a MV teaser for “Lovey Dovey“!
On January 2nd, the girls released the first video clip for”Lovey Dovey in Tokyo“, which is comprised of fun, free-spirited shots taken during the girls’ time in Japan.
Core Contents Media promised that T-ara would unleash several different versions of “Lovey Dovey”, so stay tuned for more updates!
Source: allkpop
30 December:
T-ara has released a few concept photos of their zombie version of their “Lovey Dovey” MV!

As previously reported, “Lovey Dovey” will feature five music video installments, each with a specific theme. The zombie concept unveiled today goes with the third ‘Zombie’ themed music video. The other versions include themes such as ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Drama’.
Although the concept is meant to give a little spook, the members still managed to look eerily cute, as if they’re dressed up to celebrate Halloween. Netizens commented, “I wonder what kind of song it is,” “I love this zombie version!” and “Curious about the other versions!”
As reported previously, the song is produced by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyu Sung and features an electronic sound. The single will be released on January 2nd, along with the first version of the MV, which will be the drama version. The various versions will follow after with the final version being released on January 10th.
Source + Photos: Review Star via Naver, Newsen via Nate - allkpop

26 December:

With every comeback, T-ara has managed to catch attention for their use of different concepts. This time, they’ve come armed with the popular ‘shuffle dance’ for their “Lovey Dovey” comeback!
On December 26th, representatives of Core Contents Media revealed, “From the beginning to end of ‘Lovey Dovey’, the dance will be made up 90% of the shuffle dance. The girls have been taking lessons from a professional for the past few months. We hope to make T-ara’s style of shuffle dancing a nationwide syndrome, something that will surely surprise our fans.”
2PM has history of incorporating the shuffle dance into their “I’ll Be Back” promotions, but this is the first time a girl group is using the dance. Better T-ara than anyone else, as the girls are known for their dance syndromes, having made ‘Roly Poly‘ a disco hit all summer long.”
As previously announced, “Lovey Dovey” will be released on January 2nd.
Source: Star News via Naver - allkpop

23 December:

T-ara has announced for the umteenth time that they will be delaying the release of their “Lovey Dovey” movie.
On December 24th, Core Contents Media stated, “We originally were going to release the 22-minute long ‘Lovey Dovey’ music video on December 24th, but we have decided to delay its release to January 2nd, 2012. We would like to bow our heads in apology to our fans. We promise that the release date will not change. Once again, we would like to apologize.”
They continued, “We made the decision to delay it because we felt that the movie wouldn’t receive the spotlight it deserved amidst the year-end awards, T-ara’s ‘Cry Cry‘ promotions, and their collaboration with Davichi. We worked hard to create a music video that won’t embarrass any of you so please look forward to it.”
Source: Mydaily via Naver - allkpop

4 December:

On December 5th, Core Contents Media revealed more details about T-ara‘s upcoming “Lovey Dovey” music video.
The agency stated, “A total of three music video directors will participate in the production of ‘Lovey Dovey’ music video, and a total of five versions including drama, dance, and club versions will be released.”
They continued, “‘Lovey Dovey’s first music video, the drama version starring Qri, will be 17 minutes and 30 seconds long, and will be released on the 24th, Christmas Eve… the teaser for this production was revealed on December 1st.”
“In addition to the drama version, currently 4 other versions of ‘Lovey Dovey’ music video are in the making… We are working hard to show you a variety of sides,” they added.
“Lovey Dovey” is the work of famous composers, Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Gyu Sung, and incorporates an electronic sound that is popular in club music across Europe and the States.
After concluding promotions for “Cry Cry”, T-ara will kick off their promotions for “Lovey Dovey” on January 1st. Core Contents Media stated, “In contrast to the somewhat androgynous image that was emphasized during ‘Cry Cry’, a completely different image will be shown through ‘Lovey Dovey’… It will be a song and a dance that people can follow along even more easily than ‘Roly Poly’.”
Source: Star News - allkpop

30 November:

Following right on the heels of their successful “Cry Cry” promotions, girl group T-ara has released the much-anticipated teaser for their second-round song, “Lovey Dovey“!
As the sequel to the “Cry Cry” music video, which starred Jiyeon and Cha Seung Won, “Lovey Dovey” will continue the concept of an epic mini-drama, this time adding Qri as one of the main leads.
Check out the teaser below, and stay tuned for more about T-ara’s comeback!
Source: allkpop

23 November:

After drawing strong responses with their epic Cry Cry” music videoT-ara will be seeking to continue their hot streak with the release of their second video, this time for their follow-up track, “Lovey Dovey“.
The video will be a sequel to their “Cry Cry” video, which ended with Jiyeon getting dragged away by Ji Chang Wook while Cha Seung Won bleeds on the ground. All the top stars will return in the upcoming music video, and the lead role will go to group member Qri.
We want to make “Lovey Dovey” into a national song,” said T-ara of the track, which was composed by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyu Sung“Everyone will be able to sing and dance along.”
“Lovey Dovey” will be released on December 24th, a day before Christmas. They will jump into promotions starting on the beginning of the new year, January 1st.
Source: TV Daily via Nate - allkpop

17 november:

T-ara blew us all away with their dramatic music video for “Cry Cry, and they’re doing it all over again with the dance version of the MV.
As hinted in their still cuts (released yesterday evening), T-ara showed off some powerful dance moves that added a whole new level to their reputation as evolving artists.
Everything from their choreography to their wardrobe reflects a darker, more mature concept for T-ara — leaving fans in a greater state of anticipation for their comeback stage tonight.
Check out the MV below!
Source: allkpop

14 November:

After the release of a dramatic music video for Cry CryT-ara is hyping fans up for their comeback with a practice rehearsal video revealing the choreography for their upcoming performance!
Following the feel of the song and music video, it’s safe to say that the live performances of “Cry Cry” will be edgy and fierce, a total turnaround from the ladies’ previous concept with Roly Poly.
Watch below!
Source: allkpop

11 November:

On November 11th, T-ara achieved an “all-kill” on various music portals with their latest track, “Cry Cry”!
As soon as the song was released, it climbed to #1 on charts like GomTV, Bugs, Cyworld Music, Olleh Music, Naver, Soribada, and more.
Hearing the news, the T-ara members shed tears of joy.“We are practicing hard to show you a great performance during our ‘Cry Cry’ comeback stage next week, so please look forward to it,” they said.
The album drew praises from many netizens, as they wrote, “I can only say good things. This album seems like daebak,” “T-ara is different,” and “As expected of T-ara.”
If you haven’t heard their album yet, be sure to check it out here.
Source: TVdaily via Nate - allkpop

T-ara left us speechless with their dramatic 15-minute long video for “Cry Cry“, which felt more like a mini-movie than a music video.
On November 11th, the girls released their making-of video for “Cry Cry”, allowing fans to take a good look at the members’ determination, their creative staff, and the intricacies behind such a creative MV.
Check it out below!
Source: allkpop

On November 11th, T-ara digitally released the first part of their “Black Eyes” mini-album through various music sites.
Although the album was originally scheduled to be released this weekend, Core Contents Mediadecided to push up the date due to the overwhelming demand for “Cry Cry”.
In addition to the album, a behind-the-scenes video documenting the filming of the “Cry Cry” music video will also be revealed later today.
Check out the tracks below, and make sure to support the them by purchasing the album through YesAsia or iTunes.
01. “Cry Cry”
02. “Goodbye, OK”
03. “O My God”
04. “I’m So Bad”
05. “Cry Cry” (Ballad Version)
06. “Cry Cry” (Ballad Music Video Version)
Source: mel0n - allkpop

9 November:
Despite the saturation in the K-Pop scene these days, T-ara managed to rise above their competition with music dramas that broke the mold of the conventional music video.
After impressing the public with a 10-minute mini-drama for Roly Poly earlier this summer, these girls are outdoing themselves with a music drama for “Cry Cry“.
Fans have been buzzing about the dramatic plotline previewed in the video teaser, as the girls ditched their cutesy act for fierce females with guns.
Without further delay, check out T-ara’s “Cry Cry” music drama below!
Towards the end, you would be greeted by a teaser for their other title song “Lovey Dovey” which will be released at a later date to avoid confusing the fans as it’s a totally different song genre, accompanied by another 15 minute music video to wrap up the mini drama.
T-ara is set to release their fourth album later this month, and is scheduled to make a comeback on November 18th via Music Bank.
Source: allkpop

4 November:
As they wait to make their official comeback, girl group T-ara released the jacket shots for “Cry Cry” from their new album, “Black Eyes“.

The girls ditched their cutesy look for an image that’s definitely more edgy and powerful. Their strong gazes manage to ensnare, despite the monochromatic effect of the pictures.
T-ara will follow up with another set of photo releases on November 15th for their other main track, “Lovey-Dovey“.
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop
Photos: Core Contents Media

31 October:

On October 31st, T-ara unveiled their first MV teaser for their new single, “Cry Cry“.
In this dark clip, Jiyeon is seen holding a gun while crying out, “It was you. Why did it have to be you, mister. WHY?” She then fires, and the MV cuts to a scene of actor Cha Seung Won lying lifeless on the ground.
The teaser moves quickly to several intense action shots of the actors fighting, while T-ara huddles and cries with fear. At the end of the teaser, a voice is heard saying, “Mister, do you regret meeting me? If I fall too deep in happiness… it might just kill me.”
Since a few members have considerable acting experience under their belts, it’ll be interesting to see how this MV turns out. Check out the teaser below, and stay tuned to allkpop for more updates!
Source: allkpop

27 October:

Last year, T-ara had everyone in Korea snapping their fingers to their ultra-catchy song, “Yayaya“, and this year, they plan to have Japan do the same.
The PV for “Yayaya” was revealed online today, and the girls have high hopes for their 2nd Japanese single. They brought back the Native American theme in their costumes and dance, and as a nod to their “Bo Peep Bo Peep” popularity, T-ara also posed with some kittens.
Check out their PV below!
Source: allkpop

23 October:
Anticipation is on the rise for T-ara‘s new music video, as the girls released photos from the set today!

T-ara and actors Cha Seung Won and Ji Chang Wook began filming in an empty warehouse on October 18th. The MV was announced to be a 30-minute drama-style video, and judging by the pictures, it seems like we can look forward to a bunch of heart-racing action scenes.
Cha Seung Won had praised the girls on their acting skills, bringing even more attention to their upcoming MV.
The video for “Lovey-Dovey” and “Cry Cry“ will be released in two parts. “Lovey-Dovey” was produced by Shinsadong Tiger.
Source + Photo: Newsen, as tagged - allkpop
13 October:
Girl group T-ara has just revealed that they’ll be bringing back “Yayaya” as their second Japanese single!

They’ll be trading their paws and tails for feathers and headdresses this time around; “Bo Peep Bo Peep” saw the girls as kittens, but they’ll be returning to human form for “Yayaya”, where they take on a Native American concept.
T-ara hopes to continue their streak of success with “Yayaya” and achieve another record on Japan’sOricon chart. The girls made headlines both in Japan and Korea for becoming the first ever Korean girl group to hit #1 on the Oricon Weekly chart with a debut single.
“Yayaya” will be released sometime in November, so stay tuned for more updates!
Source + Image: Star News - allkpop
6 October:

Girl group T-ara is teaming up producer Shinsadong Tiger once again for their new song, “Lovey-Dovey“.
T-ara has worked with Shinsadong Tiger twice before for their hit songs, “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “Roly-Poly“. For their third collaboration, Shinsadong Tiger created a club track with a 70′s style melody that will appeal to all ages.
T-ara’s upcoming album will also contain a different version of “Going Crazy Because of You” that features a 180-degree change. This album will also host the talents of producer Brave Brothers and songwriter Kang Ji Won; additional details will be kept under wraps until the release date.
Meanwhile, T-ara has made records on both the Oricon Daily chart and Oricon Weekly charts in Japan for being #1 at the same time. The girls are currently preparing for their November comeback whilst busily promoting in Japan.
Source: Nate - allkpop

28 September:

Girl group T-ara has finally kicked off their debut in Japan with the release of their first Japanese single, “Bo Peep Bo Peep“.
The single hosts two songs, “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “LOVE ME! Going Crazy Because of You“. K-Pop fans will recognize the songs right off the bat, as they are Japanese remakes of older favorites. The CD also includes instrumentals for the two tracks as well.
Check out their single below, and be sure to support the artists by purchasing their album here!
01. “Bo Peep Bo Peep”
02. “LOVE ME! Going Crazy Because of You”
Source: allkpop

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