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Sabtu, 24 September 2011


24 September:

On November 20th, a bevy of top K-Pop stars will be participating in a concert in Japan to support children who have been devastated by the Tohoku earthquake.
japankorea, a cultural non-profit organization, will be in charge of the ‘2011 GOOD FRIENDS CHARITY PREMIUM CONCERT‘, which will feature performances from five K-Pop stars: F.T. Island,B2STTEEN TOPG.NA, and A Pink.
A portion of the concert profits will be donated to the ‘PRAY FOR JAPAN PROJECT‘, which will in turn help children who have been affected by the disasters.
Additionally, trips will be organized to allow Korean volunteers to visit disaster-stricken areas and help those in need.
Stay tuned for more on this exciting event!
Source: Nate - allkpop

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