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Kamis, 22 September 2011


20 September:
The ever-chic actor Yoo Ah In still emanates his fashionable ways even during the filming of his new movie production, “Wandeuki“.

Yoo Ah In’s been known to be one of the hottest fashion icons in the entertainment industry ever since his rise to fame through the “Sunggyunkwan Scandal” last year. In “Wandeuki”, his fashionable aura still didn’t fail to shine through despite only ever wearing a set of ragged training gear and a high school uniform.
Yoo Ah In plays the role of a high school kid named Wandeuk; a character that acts tough and rebellious on the outside, but actually soft and innocent on the inside. Through this complex character, Yoo Ah In has upgraded his acting to show a new set of dazzling charms of his more mature self.
In order to fully depict the difficult home environment of Wandeuk, Yoo Ah In steered away from his usual fashionable self and cut his hair short and messy, topped off with either a black school uniform or dirty training gear.
Yoo Ah In was reported to have received three months of kickboxing training prior to filming as a way to fully immerse himself into his new character and his hobbies. Many fans and netizens alike are highly anticipating Yoo Ah In’s dramatic transformation in this upcoming movie.
“Wandeuki” is slated for release this coming October.
Source: Star News via Daum - allkpop

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