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Sabtu, 10 September 2011

Girls Day part 2

12 April:
Although we saw a preview of the jacket photo earlier, 5-member girl group Girl’s Day has just officially revealed the jacket photo for their 2nd mini album ‘Everyday II‘.

On April 12th, the group’s agency, DreamT Entertainment, stated, “Their concept for this mini album will be a mixture of cute and sexy, as they will be growing out of their girly image to a mature lady.
The released photo shows the five members in trendy outfits in time for Spring. Each member is able to express their personalities and charms through the unique, vivid outfit designs. Their hot pants and mini skirts, in particular, accentuated their body line giving off a fresh and mature feel.
Girl’s Day have since maintained a cute, lively image for “Twinkle Twinkle” and “Hug Me Once“. However, they will now be attempting an image that will be a combination of cute, sexy, and lady-like, for the first time.
A representative of their agency explained, “Girls’ Day’s will still maintain their lively, girly image. However, that will naturally change as they grow older.”
Meanwhile, Girl’s Day will be holding a showcase to celebrate the release of their new mini album on April 18th at M Cube.
Source: allkpop

31 October:

Five member girl group Girl’s Day will be making their first mark on Japan in December!
Agency Dream Tea Entertainment stated that the group will be having ‘Girls Day’s First Solo Concert‘ at O-EAST in Shibuya, Japan on December 10th at 6:30PM KST. A representative stated, “The 6,000 members of Girls Day’s Japanese fan club aggressively requested a concert in Japan so we made the decision. This concert will be the group’s first official entrance in Japan.”
“This concert will be collaborated on with partners in Japan as well as concert agencies in Japan, and will have 1200 seats for fans. We plan on working consistently with our partners in Japan, and finishing plans as soon as possible.”
Girls Day was recently voted by Japanese fans as the most anticipated girl group for the 2nd wave of K-Pop on a popular Japanese blog site. The poll questioned, “The girl group you are interested in the most for the 2nd wave of K-pop.” Girls Day ranked 1st with 32.3% of the votes (1402 votes), T-araranked 2nd with 30.5% (1327 votes), and f(x) was 3rd with 26.4% (1146 votes).
Girls Day is reported to be receiving a lot of love in Japan for their recent single “Huge Me Once
Source: biglobe.ne.jp - allkpop

18 October:

It’s been revealed that pop quintet Girl’s Day will leave for Hawaii with three lucky fans on October 21st!
The girls take the fans around a coffee farm for their own endorsement, ‘Konabeans‘. Together, the girls and the fans will experience the creation of ‘Konabeans’ coffee firsthand.
A representative of ‘Konabeans’ stated, “We wanted to show the excellence of our coffee to Girl’s Day and the general public by demonstrating the production and packaging of our coffee in Hawaii.”
Girl’s Day plans to leave on the 21st and spend five nights in Hawaii.
Source: allkpop

22 September:
On September 22nd, the members of Girl’s Day became honorary ambassadors for T-Talk’s “Pickple” service. The girls will try to encourage netizens to conduct positive behavior online.

T-Talk is an SNS service that gathers replies from major news outlets and message boards. To prevent netizens from leaving hateful messages, they’ve chosen Girl’s Day and their celebrity friends to actively promote the habit of leaving friendly, positive replies.
Girl’s Day will be taking time off from their busy schedules to log online and personally leave positive replies on articles regarding politics, society, and entertainment.
The girls stated, “Recently, various seniors have stepped forward in sharing stories about the hate they received and how much pain it caused them.  We could connect to them in a lot of ways.  Now, netizens have taken to leaving hateful replies against normal citizens (non-celebrities) that star in documentary shows, so it’s no longer just a problem for the stars.  We hope that we will be able to encourage and foster a healthy netizen community.”
Source + Photos: E-Daily via Naver - allkpop

16 September:
Since their debut in 2010, Girl’s Day has led a busier year than most rookie girl groups, releasing four singles in that time span and melting the hearts of fans with their cute aegyo.

It wasn’t until late October that they began earning some respect through “Nothing Lasts Forever“, and by March, they were sweeping the charts with “Twinkle Twinkle“.  It didn’t take long for each of their subsequent singles, “Hug Me Once” and “Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander“, to become regulars on the charts.
The girls stated, “We could’ve done better over the past year, but we feel that we did the best we possibly could.  There are some that ask whether we’re trying to be too cute, but there are also fans that like us for our cute image.  We want to become vitamins to peoples’ lives and provide a breath of fresh air.  We’ll continue to promote and show off our hidden charms slowly, step by step.”
When asked about her variety show experience, Minah replied, “People do criticize me for thinking I’m trying to act pretty, but I’m only acting pretty because I’m not.” When asked whether they’d like to try a feminine, sexy concept, they replied with a shy laugh, “We’re not sure what sexy really is.  Since everyone else has a sexy concept, we don’t think it’s necessary that we go down that path as well.”
On their current position in the girl group market, they said, “We’re right in the middle, the part where you’re doing your best to get to the next step and climb even higher.”
The girls only have two future goals, and that’s to win on a public broadcast music program and also land a CF deal.  While CF deals are usually associated with their monetary value, Girl’s Day reasoned that they wanted to “show off their friendly side through it.”
They explained, “Our goal is to always be seen even when we’re not promoting, and there’s nothing better than a CF for that.  If we continue to appear on CFs, wouldn’t every day be a girl’s day?”
Starting at the end of this month, the girls will be promoting in Japan.  They’re currently in discussion for 10 different contracts for their advancement in Japan with names such as Universal Music andDiamond Partner.
Concluding the interview, they stated, “We want to be a girl group that represents a generation, much like seniors S.E.S. and Fin.K.L.”
Source + Photos: Sports Donga via Nate - allkpop

11 September:
After sending Chuseok greetings in beautiful and elaborate hanboks, the girls from Girl’s Day showed off another side of their beauty with simple hanboks.

Girl’s Day greeted fans with, “For this Chuseok, please spend a fun time with your family and friends and eat a lot of tasty food.
Girl’s Day appeared excited for the holidays as the girls stated, “We will spend Chuseok with our family and friends sitting in front of the TV and eating songpyeon. We will be happy by telling stories we weren’t able to talk about before.”
For Girl’s Day, this Chuseok brings a more special meaning. The song they performed in March, ‘Twinkle Twinkle‘, placed 1st on the Melon Weekly Chart, a great accomplishment for the group. The title song for their first mini album, ‘Hug Me Once‘, also gained a lot of popularity.
In addition, the group is also planned to receive investments from Japan, as it is rumored that the investment will sum up to 200,000,000 yen (around $260,500).
To the rumors of the Japanese investment, Girl’s Day replied with, “The Japanese investment is not yet true. We are both worried and in anticipation. We want to make Japanese fans like our unique, cute, and innocent appeal.
But for now, the members of Girl’s Day are resting with their families and friends for Chuseok.
Source: Star In via Nate - allkpop
9 September:
Girl’s Day has dolled up in traditional hanbok dresses to give their greetings for the Chuseok holiday.

Jihae kicked things off by stating, “This is our second Chuseok since our debut.  Last year, we spent it in our rehearsal room busily practicing.  We also had a Japanese recording on Lunar New Year’s, so this is our first Chuseok where we’re actually on break!  Even though we have a Japanese debut coming up, we still have some time left to ourselves.”
Yura added, “Our newest digital single is ‘Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander‘.  It’s a message for our fans in case they fall in love with another girl group while we’re in Japan (laughter).”
The girls revealed that their wish for this Chuseok is to see a full moon.  Sojin stated, Jihae will be acting soon, as she was recently cast for the movie ‘Sound City’.  We’re all auditioning for various roles in advertisement CFs and dramas.  I hope that we slowly work our way up.”
Minah continued, “Yura is really funny, funnier than me.  She’s a member we’ve purposely kept hidden to save the best for last (laughter).  I first started on variety shows without knowing a thing, but the more I learn, the more fun it becomes.  I hope to meet our fans through fun different ways!”
All of the girls concluded, “We want to win #1 on a music program!  Hopefully advance into Europe sometime too!”
Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver - allkpop

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