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Minggu, 25 September 2011

Eun Ji Won

13 December:
Singer Eun Ji Won recently bragged about a gift he received from fellow ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ co-star Lee Seung Gi.

Eun Ji Won shared the above photo (right) on his official Twitter site December 12th and wrote, “A present from King Seung Gi. It fits perfectly and I love it. Thank you, I’ll give you five dollars when I see you.”
The photo is a snapshot of his new gray shoes, which have hunter green laces and a star embroidered on the side.
Netizens who saw his tweet left comments such as, “Proof of a present from the King?”, “Lucky to receive gifts from Lee Seung Gi“, “Your shoes are so cute!“, “They look good on you“, and more.
Source & Image : MyDaily - allkpop

22 September:
Clover member Eun Ji Won recently tweeted that he’s spent one night and two days in a desert!
On September 20th, he shared a ‘proof shot’ of his adventure, along with the message, “1 night 2 days in the desert…” .
The star is seen crouching beside a cactus under a burning sky. ..But wait, when did he have time to go to the Sahara?
As it turns out, the ‘desert’ was actually a fake set created for Clover’s new music video. Eun Ji Won,Gilme, and Mr. Typhoon will be making their comeback on the 29th with a new album.
Stay tuned to allkpop for more info!
Source & Image: Naver - allkpop

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