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Rabu, 14 September 2011

JYJ Album

1 December:

Talented trio JYJ previously released their very successful album and title song In Heaven back in the beginning of September. The boys have just recently released a special edition of In Heaven and with this, they’ve also unveiled a special edition version of their “In Heaven” music video, featuring more scenes that add to the video’s overall emotional feel and storyline.
The MV is over 10 minutes long and features acting member Junsu and labelmate Song Ji Hyo, who portray a tragic couple. Junsu is a capable executive at a firm, and Song Ji Hyo plays as his sweet girlfriend. After a horrible incident, their romance takes a strange turn through reality that resulted in one conclusion.
In the special version, Junsu meets a very special child whom acts as his guardian angel. The child allows Junsu to go to the past in order to not live with regret, however Junsu must use the time he has with Song Ji Hyo wisely, as the future cannot be changed.
Check it out below!
Source: allkpop

26 November:

Previously, we announced that JYJ will be releasing a special edition album of ‘In Heaven‘ to express gratitude to their fans. Well, fans will no longer need to wait, as the album has just been released!
This special edition not only contains the songs from the original album, but also includes the remix version of “Get Out” and “In Heaven“.  It is also packed with other goodies such as a behind-the-scenes footage and a 10-minute version of their ‘In Heaven’ music video!
Check out the remixes and BTS clips below and don’t forget to purchase their album on YesAsia,Gmarket, and/or Kpoptown.
<Get Out Remix>

<In Heaven Remix>
<Jaejoong Cut — Get Out Remix>
<DVD preview>
Source: allkpop

11 November:

JYJ has just announced that they will be releasing a special edition album to express their gratitude for their fans.
The special edition album will be a repackaged version of ‘In Heaven’, and is scheduled to be released on November 21st.
The album will include the original songs from the original album as well as remixes of “In Heaven”and “Get Out”. The album will also come with a DVD that contains the music videos for the two songs, in addition to behind-the-scenes footage and a 10-minute version of their ‘In Heaven’ music video.
The members stated, “This album contains our self-composed songs, so it is especially meaningful to us. We have also prepared this special edition album with our fans in mind… After 3 weeks of concerts and tours in Japan and Europe, we have gained more confidence and also have  a new goal in mind – to create a world tour with an ever higher degree of completion. As JYJ, we will always continue to try to provide all our fans with good songs to listen to.”
Source: Mydaily - allkpop

4 October:

On September 30th, the members of JYJ met up with reporters for their “In Heaven” press conference at a cafe in Jungdong, Seoul.  In a heartfelt interview, the men answered questions regarding TVXQ, their recent controversy with ‘PSM‘, and their hopes for the future.
Jaejoong began,
“First of all, this album is one that contains all of our memories and feelings over the course of the past two years.  It’s an album that has a lot of scents in it.  There are tracks that convey our honest feelings, as well as tracks that beat around the bush in expressing ourselves.  No matter how much we beat around the bush, though, those that have been with us through it all will know what to imagine while listening to these songs while the regular public will just listen to the song for what it is.  It’s an album with a passcode.  Like I stated, it’s an album that contains everything we’ve felt and done over the past two years.”
Junsu continued, “I worked on the album by conversing a lot with the other members.  It’s an album that shows the true colors of JYJ.  I believe that we were able to create such a great result because we regarded as the production of it as a positive opportunity and experience.”
Jaejoong added, “The reason we started our individual activities was to get the name of JYJ out there.  Since the three of us cannot go out on music programs, we had no option but to get JYJ’s name known individually.”
Junsu stated,
“We began our careers as singers and I hope that we’ll continue to eternally walk down the path of a singer.  Because we’re restricted in so many areas as singers, we decided to take the performance route.  Even if it’s hard to see us on TV, we’re trying to work with our fans by performing at events and fan meetings, as well as other small events.  Our focus is on creating an environment where we can communicate with our fans and enjoy the performance aspect of it together.  A concert is not just a place where we show what we want to show, but a place where we can converse with them.”

When asked what ‘PSM’ meant in their song “Pierrot“, Jaejoong stated,

“It’s weird that a song that’s not even our title track is worthy of being in the media headlines for not passing regulations, but it’s actually quite heartbreaking.  SBS actually asked us what ‘PSM’ meant, meaning that they’ll give us a chance even if it wasn’t okay to pass. KBS, however, didn’t even give us that chance and just interpreted it however they wanted to, completely ignoring the creator’s intent.  That is so frustrating.”

He continued,
“PSM stands for ‘Performer’, ‘Success’, and ‘Museum’.  Everyone has a future and everyone hopes that their life can shine.  In order to accomplish that, however, they must borrow the strength of others since it’s not possible on your own.  They’re then physically taken advantage of by a museum that creates that success for you and at times you’ll find yourself acting something that you don’t want to do.  It’s a song about people that use innocent people that are only innocently searching for hope.”

Jaejoong stated, “A lot of time has passed.  The time we’ve spent apart might have created misunderstandings, but as for us, a lot of that has passed.  I just hope for us to all meet again. Yunho and Changmin appear in my dreams often.  Once, all three of us dreamt of them at once.”
He continued, “I still don’t keep in contact with Yunho and Changmin.  Please let us contact them.”
Jaejoong also revealed that he might have the opportunity to see Yunho.  “The lighting director for Yunho’s drama, ‘Poseidon‘, is also the lighting director for ‘Protect the Boss‘.  He once told me to come and visit during an after party.  I might be able to see him then.”
Source: MydailyEveryday EconomyWorld Journal via Naver - allkpop

27 September:

Welcome to “In Heaven” cafe, where you’ll be served 10 different appetizers in the forms of QR code videos to satisfy your JYJ craving.
Recently, a slew of 10 short clips featuring the JYJ trio were revealed online, focusing on their new album, “In Heaven“. The QR codes can apparently be found in the photobooks in the album, and now the clips have been extracted for 10 minutes of glorious eye candy.
Without further ado, check out the video below!
Source: allkpop
26 September:
Group JYJ (JaejoongYoochun & Junsu) is conquering the online music charts, proving that their ever-growing fame knows no end.

According to Olleh Music, the major songs from JYJ’s new album, ‘In Heaven‘, has secured the #1, 2, and 3 spots on the social charts for the second week in a row.
Different from the other artists that released new albums around the same time, JYJ hasn’t performed any of their new songs on any music programs on television. Regardless, the album which is scheduled to be released as a physical copy on the 27th has already received 300,000 pre-orders and is already sold out on most major sites. The supply cannot meet the demands of endless orders that are coming in from China, Japan, and the rest of Asia. But the much sought-after boys are nowhere to be seen on television.
JYJ’s agency CJes Entertainment reported, “We haven’t received any calls to perform on any programs. We are keeping a close eye on the situation for now, seeing that their album has not been officially released.”
In regards to JYJ’s performance regulations, KBS informed us last May that more than once, the court ruled in favor of JYJ being able to perform on stage and that it should be a non-issue.” They continued, “KBS guaranteed that once JYJ’s new album is officially released, they should be able to perform without a stitch. There is talk about outside factors possibly causing some problems, but we trust KBS and we want JYJ to be able to perform before their fans that have been waiting for them.”
JYJ’s main focus this year is not only to be able to perform on stage, but they also have plans to be the first Korean artist to perform in Spain, as well as perform for their fans in Germany and the rest of Europe, not to mention Japan and the rest of Asia. “They’re thinking of various ways for the boys to greet their fans.”
Interestingly enough, JYJ revealed their title track “Get out” through an LG advertisement and the rest of 2011 will be hectic for the boys as they are working on establishing a professional video-based community in order to better communicate with their fans all over the world. They even have plans to start a donation project to help the poor and neglected.
Source & Image : KyungJaeToday - allkpop

20 September:

Earlier, we reported that JYJ had been chosen as LG’s models to promote the new smartphone ‘LG Optimus Q2′.
JYJ’s “Get Out” music video about a sad love story has been revealed along with their new single on LG ‘Optimus Q2′ official site just today!
Suited up in black and revealing a set of fast-paced choreography (complete with pelvic thrusts), JYJ has delivered once again with this dance track. Fangirls will be sure to enjoy the vivid cinematography, sexy cars and steamy scenes with a few lucky ladies.
Source: allkpop

15 September:

Anticipation was high for JYJ‘s first Korean album, ‘In Heaven‘, with a preorder of 300,000 albums causing some websites to crash due to capacity limits. As September 15th has hit Korea, the wait is over as the album has officially been released!
There’s nothing much to say except that the album is exceptional, the music speaks for itself. Check out some of the select tracks from the album below and remember to support by purchasing the music.
In Heaven - JYJ
In Heaven
Fallen Leaves
The Boy’s Letter
I.D.S (I Deal Scenario)
Source: allkpop

14 September:

A few days back, JYJ revealed their new song, “In Heaven“, and now they’re back with its music video in all its dramatic glory!

The MV sees acting member Junsu and labelmate Song Ji Hyo, who portray a tragic couple. Junsu is a capable executive at a firm, and Song Ji Hyo plays as his sweet girlfriend. After a horrible incident, their romance takes a strange turn through reality that resulted in one conclusion…

Check it out below! Remember to support by purchasing the music.

In Heaven - JYJ

Source: allkpop

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