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Rabu, 14 September 2011


15 Feb:
On February 14th, Teen Top‘s Chunji treated fans with a selca through Teen Top’s official me2day account.

Along with the photo, Chunji thanked Teen Top fans, “Today was a happy day filled with all of our Angel members love^^ Happy Valentines Day♥”
Showing off his good looks and big eyes, Chunji captured the hearts of fans with his effortless selca. Fans commented, “Eat lots and lots of chocolate and gain strength^^ Alright, alright, fighting~~!!!!”, “Oppas, I really want to see you”, “I heard chocolate is not good for your throat.. chocolate.. don’t eat too much~”, and “Happy Valentine’s Day & Happy Every Day~!!”
Source: Teen Top’s me2day - allkpop

5 October:
TEEN TOP gave fans a peek into their birthday celebration for fellow member Chunji.

On October 5th, the above photo was uploaded onto the team’s me2day along with the message, “Fun party time~ C.A.P. hyung (older brother) blew out the candles!!! Again, Chunji hyung, happy happy birthday.”
In the picture, TEEN TOP is seen gathered around a lit birthday cake to congratulate Chunji on his birthday. Fans were immediately drawn to member C.A.P., who had his cheeks puffed up and ready to blow out the candles.
Netizens commented, “Chunji oppa, happy birthday”, “Minsoo (C.A.P.) is so cute~~~~~kekekeke Chanhee (Chunji), even though it’s been said a thousand times already, happy birthday”, and “Next time, let Chunji blow out the candles kekekeke Happy birthday~!!”
Source: TEEN TOP’s me2day - allkpop

15 September:
TEEN TOP‘s Chunji will be making his first acting debut on SBS‘s sitcom ‘Oh My God.’

TEEN TOP has been on the rise as one of the male idol groups to look out for, with the positive response to their latest hit song, “Don’t Spray Perfume”. Chunji has also attracted the interest of Netizens for his resemblance to 2PM’s Nickhun in a recent photo taken with the 2PM heartthrob.
Although fans were able to see Chunji’s acting skills in TEEN TOP’s “Don’t Spray Perfume” music video with Park Shi Yeon, his sitcom appearance will mark his official acting debut.
Chunji will play the role of Lee Ye Young‘s boyfriend, who is under the constant surveillance of her dad, Lee Byung Joon, and the subject of his excessive jealousy. Fans will be able to catch Chunji’s first appearance on the show on September 19th.
Source + Photo: Nate - allkpop

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