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Selasa, 27 September 2011

Park Shi Yeon

20 November:
On November 19th, actress Park Si Yeon walked down the aisle to meet her new life as a married woman.

Her wedding was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul, and it was open only to friends and family. Of course, a woman of Park Si Yeon’s fame would attract celebrity guests, and so paparazzi snapped Lee HyoriNam Gyuri, and Han Ye Seul heading towards the event.
The actress married a man four years her senior, who’s reported to be a company man specializing in trade. The couple will head to the States for their honeymoon once Park Si Yeon wraps up her shoot for an upcoming movie.
Source + Image: Dispatch - allkpop

26 September:
Actress Park Shi Yeon is getting married on November 19th in the Seoul Hyatt Hotel!

Park Shi Yeon’s agency, Story Entertainment, stated on September 27th, “Park Shi Yeon is sincerely meeting with a company worker with whom she had a love scandal with in March and will marry him. We are working hard for them to have a happy home and become a good couple. We hope you congratulate them.
As readers may recall, the beautiful actress stunned many earlier this year when it was unintentionally revealed that she was in a relationship with a businessman. It’s great to see that, despite the scandal, the couple has only grown closer.
The agency also continued, “We are sorry that the marriage news was known through reports. We are congratulating Park Shin Yeon warmly on her new start.
Park Shi Yeon will continue her acting career after her marriage. Congratulations to this happy couple!
Source: TV Report via Nate - allkpop

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