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Kamis, 15 September 2011


16 October:

On October 16th’s episode of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘, Jewelry S concluded their unit activities for their debut single, “Ames Room“.
As they intended, Yewon and Semi successfully showed off an image that contrasted with Jewelry’s cutesy concept. They exuded a smooth, feminine style that made it easier to focus on their talented vocals.
The girls stated, “It was a meaningful opportunity for us to show a different side to Jewelry. Although our promotions were short, we trust that there will be another opportunity for us in the future. We’re going to be returning back to the group in order to focus on our comeback album, so please look forward to that.”
Check out their farewell stage if you haven’t already!
Source: OSEN via Naver - allkpop

12 October:

Recently, online media outlets like Star News, BNT News, Hankyung, TV Report, and others came together for a suicide prevention campaign called “A Beautiful Korea Living Together”.
The campaign aims to fill Korean society with love and hope, bringing together the support of top stars to speak on the issue in hopes of bringing more attention to it. The ladies of Jewelry S recently sat down for an interview discussing their thoughts on suicide. Check it out below.
Q. “What do you think about suicide? What do you think drives people to make such extreme decisions?”
Yewon: “A long time ago, I heard that there was a difference between feeling depressed and feeling melancholy. Anyone can feel melancholic and recover themselves through their own determination and the help of others, but depression is an illness and not temporary, it messes with your physical and mental health, much like a cold. I don’t think it’s something that people can overcome on their own, as it requires treatment from the hospital and the support of those around them. I do realize that there is somewhat of a catch-22, with the stereotypes associated with being treated for depression so people tend to hide their feelings. I think it’s one of the steps that lead people to such extreme measures.”
“Since people aren’t able to differentiate between, ‘This is just a temporary feeling’, and ‘I am suffering from depression, I need to seek help,’ the role of family members and friends is absolutely important. I think that if people show just a little more interest in the people they love, they can take one step closer to preventing such decisions.”
Q. “More and more of your fellow celebrities are committing suicide lately. What is your opinion on that?”
Semi: “Departing from the fact that we share common ground in that we both have the same careers, it was a big shock to hear that they had made such a decision because I remember laughing and crying with them through their work on screen. It also makes me reflect on the career of being a celebrity. It’s hard to express outright, but it was an odd feeling to be able to feel some of the sentiments they must have felt, but at the same time viewing them from the eyes of the public. It’s a career that relies heavily on the love and interest of the public and I think people have a hard time dealing with themselves when that interest turns into hate and criticism. It’s easy to tell us not to pay attention to hateful replies, but it’s hard to not care when lies are being told about you. It’s something we need to overcome, but there are times when things just don’t go according to what we want. What helps us the most at times like that are the support and interest of our fans and warm words of advice. We’re not special because we’re celebrities.”
Q. “What do you think needs to be done to prevent suicides in our society?”
Yewon: “Like I said previously, interest! Before you think that you’re going through a hard time alone, look around you and show an interest in others. Always express your feelings and how fortunate you think to have people in your life.”
Semi: “I agree with Yewon unni. Always try to understand the perspective of the other person and see where they’re coming from. Always think of yourself as someone worthy to live and I think that will naturally help you think positively.”
Q. “What was the most difficult for you as Jewelry S? And how did you overcome that?”
Yewon: “Since I was 18, I trained for five years. I think I was most afraid of a future I couldn’t see. I was older than most trainees and I was exhausted with seeing friends debut before me. Every time that happened, I tried to talk to people around me. I naturally began to feel better after laughing and chatting with my friends.”
Semi: “As for me, it was the hardest during the audition process. I had to audition every chance I got before ‘Superstar K’ and it was hard to come away with a rejection. I never got used to that feeling. Whenever I felt depressed or sad, I’d listen to upbeat dance music and dance my stress away.”
Q. “Please provide some strength to people who are thinking about such extreme decisions. A message of support if you will.”
Jewelry S: “We understand that you’re going through an extremely hard time right now but they say that when time passes, it’s nothing big, really. Learn to lean and depend on the people around you and open your heart. When you genuinely ask for help, people will protect you by your side. We promise to sing many energetic songs for you, so please find strength.”
Source: TV Report - allkpop

20 Sept:

On September 21st, Jewelry-S released the MV for their debut song, “Forget It“!
A sub-unit belonging to popular pop quartet Jewelry, Jewelry-S is comprised of members Semi andYewon, who wanted to show fans a different side to themselves.
The MV is fresh and lively just like their song, and is sure to get people better acquainted with their names. Check it out below!
Source: allkpop

19 September:

Jewelry-S, which consists of Semi and Yewon, has got fans on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the sub-unit’s debut with “Forget It” this week, and we’re getting our first peek with a thirty-second teaser today!
True to Star Empire‘s word, the duo delivers a fresh and playful concept: the song features a youthful melody, and the music video is full of feathers, umbrella-dancing and bright colors.
Check it out below!
For those of you that are anticipating the full release of the duo’s single, mark your calendars for September 21!
Source: allkpop

16 September:
Recently, we announced that members Semi and Yewon of Jewelry will be forming a new sub-unit group under the name,‘Jewelry-S‘. Star Empire recently confirmed their debut date and the girls will be unleashing their debut digital single, “Forget It” next week!

On September 15th, Star Empire posted an announcement onto their official Fan Cafe which read,
Hello, This is Star Empire.
This is an official announcement with regards to Jewelry-S’s upcoming digital single.
The maknaes of Jewelry, Semi and Yewon, will be coming out with a new image as Jewelry-S and will be releasing their first digital single on September 21st, titled “AMES Room Vol 2″!
Through their digital single, “Forget It”, fans will be able to meet a new, playful image of the charming, explosive vocalists, Yewon and Semi.
We hope for much of your anticipation and interest towards the new Jewelry-S.
According to Star Empire, the single and MV will be released at midnight KST on September 21st via the music portals including Mnet, Melon, Dosirak, Cyworld, and Bugs. The duo will begin their activities on music shows from September 29th onwards.

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