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Minggu, 25 September 2011

Holly and Wan

23 September:
Girl’s Day‘s lead vocalist Minah has been cast for the lead role in a movie called “Holly and Wan“!

The movie is about a dancer in a club near the U.S. troop base named ‘Holly’ and her daughter ‘Wan’ (Minah), a 15-year-old girl who dreams of being a ballerina. The story is about their conflicts and resolutions.
The film’s production company Friday Entertainment gave a statement about Minah’s casting, saying, “In addition to great dancing skills and an innocent appearance, Minah also possessed hidden acting talent. It’s because of this factor that she was cast for the lead role.
Although her schedule is already jam-packed with Girl’s Day’s preparations for their Japan debut, Minah has been receiving ballet lessons for 10 hours every day in order to properly pull off her role. The movie is set to release in the first half of next year, so filming will begin in October.
Stay tuned to allkpop for more updates on this exciting project!
Source: Naver - allkpop

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