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Kamis, 15 September 2011

Jung Yunhak

17 October:

On October 16th, Supernova‘s Yunhak shed tears during his final fan meeting with his Japanese fans before stepping into military life for his enlistment.
Held at the Super Arena in Saitama, Supernova opened a special fan meeting titled “For You” where fans were able to bid their last farewells to group leader, Yunhak.
On the night, not only did the group perform their Japanese debut single, “Always Only You”, Yunhak also prepared a special solo stage and also had a one-to-one corner where he could talk freely with his fans. As he read aloud a letter he personally wrote to his fans, he shed a few tears with the words, “Please be the leaders of Supernova.”
On November 25th, Yunhak is scheduled to enlist in Reserve 306 of Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi, where he will serve as an active solider for approximately 2 years.
Source: Star News - allkpop

30 September:
It has been recently confirmed that Supernova leader Yunhak will be enlisting in the military.

He will officially begin his duties as an active duty soldier beginning on October 25th at 1:30pm KST. Hundreds of fans are expected to arrive in Gyungkido where he will be admitted, in order to see him off.
For the past month, Supernova has been touring Japan, performing 15 impressive shows in total, proving they are one of the hottest Hallyu stars recognized by Japanese fans. They concluded their tour with their final performance in Hukuoka.
Yunhak revealed the news of his enlistment on the 15th at Tokyo International Forum, breaking the hearts of his many fans. Upon announcing that he would not be able to perform with Supernova for the time being, fellow members and fans alike shed their tears.
The rest of the Supernova members have arranged a large fan meeting for Yunhak in order to bid him a proper farewell. The fan meet is scheduled to take place on October 16th in Saitama Super Arenaand has already sold out all 20,000 seats.
Representative Kang Chan Yi from Supernova’s agency Maru Entertainment stated, “Because he will not be able to stand on stage during the time he is serving as an active soldier, he is looking forward to spend quality time with his fans through this fan meet- sharing stories and thanking them for their support.”
Supernova will return to Korea on October 16th, and Yunhak is preparing for his enlistment spending his last days with his family, while the rest of the members will be busy promoting their music in Japan.
Source: allkpop
Photo: Maru Entertainment 

16 September:
The boys of Supernova held a live concert earlier today in Tokyo. After performing a total of 25 songs, leader, Jung Yunhak announced that he will be enlisting in the military. He is scheduled to enlist in the military near the end of October and will be away from the music scene for 2 years.

In front of 5,000 fans that were in attendance Yunhak stated, “Thanks for all your love and please continue supporting the group, Supernova will continue on as a 5 member group“.
Source: daily japan - allkpop

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