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Selasa, 20 September 2011

I’m A Flower Too

9 December:

On December 9th, MBC announced that its Wednesday-Thurday prime time miniseries, ‘I’m a Flower Too!‘ will end with just 15 episodes instead of the usual 16.
A representative from MBC revealed that because of scheduling conflicts with year-end award ceremonies, they had to cut the drama by one episode. This will mean that instead of December 29th, ‘I’m a Flower Too!’ will conclude on the 28th.
Despite MBC’s explanation, many have protested the decision through the drama’s official website, claiming that it was disrespectful to everyone working on the drama to cut it short by 1 episode. Fans felt that the real reason was because of its consistently weak ratings.
“I’m a Flower Too!” has had its fair share of problems, starting with Kim Jae Won‘s sudden switch-out due to an injury (he was later replaced by Yoon Shi Yoon). The drama was also affected by KBS’s ‘Man of Honor‘ and SBS’s ‘Deep-Rooted Tree‘, resulting in ratings hovering between 5 – 6%.
Fusion sageuk drama, ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun‘ will replace ‘I’m a Flower Too!’. It’s scheduled to begin airing on January 4th, 2012, and will star Han Ga In, Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo.
Source: Korea Times via Nate - allkpop

11 November:
The highly anticipated drama series, ‘I’m a Flower, Too’ aired its first episode on November 9th, and had viewers laughing over the exchange between Lee Ji Ah and B2ST‘s Kikwang.

Rookie cop Miru (Kikwang) visited Bongsun’s (Lee Ji Ah) precinct to introduce himself for the first time, but was caught off guard in an embarrassing situation when he ran into her changing into her uniform.
The shocked and furious Bongsun exerted her authority by commanding him to introduce himself.
Miru, immediately attracted to her straight-forwardness, was quick to ask her how old she is, where she lives, if he can call her nuna, and whether or not she has a boyfriend.
The seemingly cold and uninterested Bongsun replied to his questions with, “Secret. My house. The two words I hate most: nuna, oppa.”
She then answered his ‘do you have a boyfriend’ question with a curt reply, “Sorry. You’re too short“.
This episode was especially hilarious as there were photos of Kikwang, the idol, posted on the walls of Bongsun’s room, and Kikwang also appeared in her dreams as himself.
Source & Image : KoreaTimes via Nate - allkpop
9 November:

With anticipation building for MBC‘s upcoming drama, ’I Am a Flower, Too, expectations got kicked up another notch when staff revealed that 4minute‘s Gayoon will have a short cameo in the first episode.
Gayoon will be playing the role of a high school student who has a short exchange with ’Cha Bong Sun’ (Lee Ji Ah). It will be her first attempt at acting. The role required her to don a school uniform, and Gayoon expressed a student-like enthusiasm for her role.
“Since my labelmate Kikwang put a lot of effort into it, it was something I was looking forward to,”Gayoon said. “I wore a school uniform for the first time in 3 years and it was a different feeling. I hope the drama gains much love, just like its loveable plot.”
The first episode of ‘I Am a Flower, Too’, starring Lee Ji Ah, B2ST‘s Kikwang, and Yoon Si Yoon, will air on November 9th. 
Source: allkpop

31 October:
On October 31st, MBC held a press conference for their upcoming drama, ‘I’m a Flower, Too!‘, at the 63 building in Seoul. Actors Lee Ji Ah, Yoon Shi Yoon, Jo Min Ki, Han Go Eun, Seo Hyo Rim, andB2ST‘s Lee Kikwang were all present for the event, and the room was crammed full of reporters hoping to catch a glimpse of Lee Ji Ah herself.

‘I’m a Flower, Too!’ marks Lee Ji Ah’s comeback project ever since her scandal with ex-husband, Seo Taiji, a few months back.
‘I’m A Flower, Too!’ will be a romantic comedy drama that revolves around the story of a crooked policewoman and a two-faced undercover boss who start to develop feelings for each other. The first episode will air on November 2nd, so be sure to check it out!
Source: Segye via Nate - allkpop
Photos: As credited

18 October:
Actress Lee Ji Ah has cropped her hair quite short for her new role in “I’m A Flower Too“.

On October 18th, photos were posted onto an online community board under the title, ”Lee Ji Ah who now has a bob cut. Looks good.”
The post further explained, ”Lee Ji Ah on the set of her upcoming drama. Her short hair and police officer outfit looks so great that it makes you forget about her previous frail appearances.
Netizens commented, “I’m anticipating Lee Ji Ah! Fighting!” “Though I think it’s a little soon for a comeback, I’m looking forward to her work“, and “I’m excited to see her with Yoon Shi Yoon.
MBC‘s new drama “I’m A Flower, Too” is a romantic comedy about a crooked police woman and a two-faced undercover boss. It will air its first episode on November 2nd.
Source: Star News - allkpop
It’s been announced that 4minute‘s Gayoon will be making a short appearance as actress Lee Ji Ah‘s friend on I’m a Flower Too!

On Octobe 18th, a source revealed that Gayoon finished filming her cameo as a high school student, who was a childhood friend of Cha Bong Sun (played by Lee Ji Ah), on October 16th.
The source stated, “During scenes such as taking the college entrance exams, she was able to successfully pull off acting that was short but impactful.”
Although it was only a short cameo appearance, viewers are curious to see Gayoon making her first acting debut.
Her fellow labelmate, Kikwang of B2ST, is a part of the cast for ‘I’m a Flower Too’ and plays the young cop who harbors feelings for Cha Bong Sun.
The drama has been in the spotlight recently for the switch of lead male actors. The original lead, Kim Jae Won, had no choice but to  pull out due to a shoulder injury caused by a motorcycle malfunctionduring the filming of the drama, and Yoon Shi Yoon was cast to take his place.
Catch the first episode on November 2nd!
Source + Photo: Star News - allkpop

14 October:

Earlier, Kim Jae Won had temporarily pulled out of the drama ‘I’m a Flower too’, after anunexpected malfunctioning of the motorcyle he was on during the first day of filming.
He had expressed that despite tearing his tendon, fracturing a bone, and dislocating his shoulder, he still wanted to try his best to remain a part of the drama. However, he released another statement through his agency today stating that he will be officially pulling out of the production.
I’m sincerely sorry for causing all the viewers and fans to worry about my appearance on ‘I’m a Flower Too’. After several examinations and discussions with my doctor, and out of concern for the situation the production team is in, I have decided to pull out from ‘I’m a Flower too’ since I will not be able to make a quick return to the set.
For all the viewers and fans who have been waiting for this next project, I promise to focus on getting treated, so that I can return with a new project in a healthy condition.
Even though I won’t be able to carry on the project anymore, I will not be able to forget the time I spent with everyone. This includes our director (who has trusted and waited for me), scriptwriter Kim Do Woo (who has prepared the best script), and my hoobae and sunbae co-actors.
Although I can’t participate in the project anymore, I wish for the success of ‘I’m a Flower Too’ more so than anyone, and I hope to have an opportunity to be able to work with our director and writer again. Please give ‘I’m a Flower Too’ your love and support.
Lastly, I want to thank the MBC production team and everyone who has worried about me.
Kim Jae Won has been recommended to rest for at least 3 to 4 weeks, and will have to undergo surgery for his shoulder in order to make a full recovery.
We wish you the best, Kim Jae Won!
Source + Photo: Star News - allkpop

11 October:
Earlier, it was reported that actor Kim Jae Won got into a motorcycle accident while filming a scene for his drama, ‘I’m a Flower Too’. He sustained a severe shoulder injury, which prompted a decision to pull out from the production.

On October 10th, Kim Jae Won’s agency released a statement explaining Kim Jae Won’s position on the matter. It read:
On the first day of shooting on October 4th, the scooter, which was supposed to have stopped, suddenly accelerated forward. In order to avoid crashing into the people around me, I stepped on the brakes and the scooter reared up to an almost 90-degree angle. I had to be rushed to the emergency room for a dislocated shoulder.
After 3 rounds of close examination, it was discovered that the tendon and cartilage had been torn and there was a fracture in the bone as well. I was required to rest for 3 to 4 weeks, and would have to undergo surgery in order to prevent re-dislocating the shoulder.
The director, writer, and I have worked hard to prepare this drama so my hope is that with 3 to 4 weeks of rest, I’ll be well enough to finish the filming.
All of us share a deep affection for the project, and I’m just sad that things turned out this way. I promise to do my best so that everyone involved can make the best decision.
I want to deeply apologize to all the production staff members, fellow actors, and to all the fans who have been waiting for the drama for this unexpected accident.
Currently, the production team stated that they have not yet decided whether to switch actors. Kim Jae Won has temporarily withdrawn from the production to tend to his recuperation, and production team will make a final decision after keeping an eye on his health.
Stay tuned for more updates.
Source + Photo: Star News - allkpop

7 October:

On October 7th, actor Kim Jae Won revealed that he has withdrawn from his drama project, “I’m a Flower Too“, due to a severe shoulder injury.
The star was involved in a motorcycle accident on the 4th while filming a scene, which resulted in a dislocated shoulder. He was immediately taken to the emergency room, but further examinations stated that a major surgery could be required.
A representative of the actor revealed, “He won’t be able to move his shoulder for four weeks. A major surgical operation might be necessary.”
The actor’s decision has put the production staff in a state of panic. They’re said to be frantically searching for a replacement in order to resume scheduled shoots. The producers have only one month remaining before the drama’s first broadcast.
The news comes as a disappointment not just for Kim Jae Won’s fans, but for Lee Ji Ah‘s as well. This drama was supposed to be the comeback production for his female co-star, but with the withdrawal of its male lead and a looming deadline, many are becoming concerned that “I’m a Flower Too” may not be able to take flight at all.
Source: Naver - allkpop

30 September:
Photos of B2ST‘s Lee Kikwang on the set of his new K-drama, MBC‘s “I’m a Flower Too” is gaining the attention of netizens.

Photos of a recording that took place on September 26th were released via the drama’s official Twittersite on the 29th.
Kikwang sported a ‘bowl cut’ with dark-rimmed glasses and looked like an innocent student, different from the charismatic persona he has on stage, and netizens discussed how adorable and young he looked.
‘I’m a Flower, Too” airs its pilot episode sometime this November.
Source & Image : enews24 via Nate - allkpop

23 September:
Actress Han Go Eun has joined the cast for MBC’s upcoming drama, ‘I’m a Flower, Too!‘. She will join other confirmed stars like Lee Ji Ah and Kim Jae Won.

Han Go Eun will be playing the role of ‘Park Hwa Young’, an ambitious and hardworking business woman.
PD Go Dong Sun (of ‘Queen of Housewives’ fame) stated, “As soon as I thought of the character of ‘Park Hwa Young’s, I automatically thought of Han Go Eun. The character has everything she wants, but she is a lonely woman. I feel that Han Go Eun has that charm to bring life to this character.
Han Go Eun herself expressed excitement for this project, saying, “It’s been a while since I’ve done a mini-series, I’m nervous.” She laughed,” I’m going to show a side of me I’ve never shown before through this character.”
“I’m A Flower Too” is a romantic comedy about a female police officer named ‘Cha Bong Sun’, who begins to fall in love with a corporate head leading double lives. It will be about a love triangle between ‘Park Hwa Young’ (Han Go Eun), ‘Cha Bong Sun’ (Lee Ji Ah), and ‘Seo Jae Hee’ (Kim Jae Won).
“I’m a Flower, Too!” will air in the beginning of November.
Source & Image: Nate - allkpop

22 September:
Actor Kim Jae Won will be attempting a radical transformation!

According to a representative, Kim Jae Won has started preparations for his role in “I’m a Flower, Too!” by tanning and getting a shocking new haircut.
Kim Jae Won, who debuted in 2001 through the SBS drama, “Honey Honey“, has always enjoyed a high level of popularity, thanks to his soft, warm image. His pale skin and ‘killer smile’ were his trademarks, and could always be found in every project.
However, in “I’m a Flower, Too!”, he will throw that image away for something more masculine to suit his character. Kim Jae Won will play ‘Seo Jae Hee‘, who leads a double life as an owner of a high-end designer shop, while working simultaneously as a parking valet. His character will also cultivate a love story with a female policewoman named ‘Cha Bong Sun‘, played by Lee Ji Ah.
The representative revealed, “Kim Jae Won has started tanning to build his masculine image. He will also flaunt a shocking hairstyle that will cover one of his eyes“.
It’s not just Kim Jae Won and his new look that’s building hype for the drama; his co-star, actress Lee Ji Ah, is also one of the driving forces behind the strong anticipation from viewers. Lee Ji Ah was involved in a divorce controversy with rocker Seo Taiji earlier this year, and so this production will be her first comeback work.
“I’m a Flower, Too!” will be airing its first episode in the beginning of November.
Source + Photo: Sports Chosun via Nate - allkpop

20 September:
It’s just been confirmed that actress Lee Ji Ah will be returning to the entertainment industry throughMBC‘s new drama, I’m A Flower Too“.

Directed by Kim Do Woo (director of “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” and “What’s Up, Fox”) and produced by Go Dong Sun (PD for “Queen of Housewives“), “I’m A Flower Too” is a romantic comedy about a female policewoman named Cha Bong Sun who begins to fall in love with a two-faced undercover boss.
Director Kim Do Woo revealed, “When I met Lee Ji Ah for the first time recently, I could feel why so many people had so much interest in her. Her acting in front of the viewers may be important, but what’s also crucial is for the actors themselves to have their own set of charms, which is why I’m looking forward to working with her.”
PD Go Dong Sun added, “Lee Ji Ah is an actor I’ve been watching over ever since her ‘Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi’ days. With her versatile acting skills, I feel that she’ll be able to act out Cha Bong Sun’s various emotions and actions perfectly. I believe it will be an enjoyable production.”
In response, Lee Ji Ah’s agency Key East Entertainment expressed, “It’s true that she worried a lot for her next production. Not only does she have faith in director Kim Do Woo and PD Go Dong Sun, but she said she felt a lot of potential and charm in her character and production as a whole.”
“After meeting with the producer and director last week, she gained even more interest and anticipation for the production and believed it was a drama she couldn’t reject, and accepted the offer in the end. In order to stand before the camera as as a more mature and developed actress, she will be doing her best to prepare herself before the beginning of production,” they said.
Key East continued, “As an actress, Lee Ji Ah has firmly committed herself to bringing out a great drama and greeting everyone once again through her acting. She will be working hard to pay back all the support she received during her period of difficulty.”
With regards to the title of the drama, the producer stated, “It’s a title with the meaning that anyone can or can hope to be the center of the world, just like the main actors in the drama. It also contains the main character’s desire to experience love.”
The production team is currently in the midst of finalizing their main cast line up, which will be shortly followed by the drama’s first recording. The pilot episode will be aired this coming November.
Source: My Daily via Naver - allkpop

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