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Senin, 26 September 2011


7 Feb:
INFINITE‘s Woohyun has shared a picture from his 21st birthday.

On February 7th, Woohyun uploaded the above picture onto his personal twitter and wrote, “I got caught“.
Much like how fellow member Dongwoo was surprised for his birthday, Woohyun seems to have gotten a sneak cake attack from his members in celebration.
Netizens responded to his picture saying, “Happy birthday I love you!” and “Uh oh you got caught hehehe happy birthday!
The INFINITE members displayed their close friendship by tweeting Woohyun for his birthday.
Leader Sung Gyu tweeted, “Happy birthday buddy~!^^ This hyung will make sure you get caught next year too heehee”
Member Dongwoo referred to his own birthday in November when the members made him cry and wrote, “Haha this is karma ~.~we couldn’t get you to cry, but… uhuhu happy birthday! I hope you keep progressing to become even better than the lovable Woo Hun you are right now and remember to always take care of your health haha.
Sung Yeol wrote, “Happy birthday Woo Hyun hyung it was really fun hehe“, maknae Sung Jong wrote, “Today is Nam Star’s birthday. Thank you for being born I love you hyung”, and much like how Hoyatweeted Sung Jong for his high graduation, Hoya wrote, “Happy birthday Nam Star!! Remember to practice hard even on your birthday^^
Woohyun thanked everyone for wishing him a birthday by tweeting, “I sincerely thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday=_= I am so happy heehee“.
The boys of INFINITE are currently preparing for their upcoming concert ‘The Second Invasion’ that is to be held on February 11th and 12th.
Happy Birthday to Woohyun!
Source & Image: Woo Hyun’s Twitter - allkpop

24 September:
INFINITE has enjoyed their strongest success to date with their first album, “Over The Top“, and it’s inspired them to release a repackaged version as a thank you gift for their fans.  Plus, another photo to wet fans appetites for the group’s comeback.

Scheduled to hit shelves on September 26th, the boys will be releasing photo teasers everyday for eight days through their official website, starting on the 18th. The layout of the site has been redesigned to load a hand of eight cards, and so a card will be flipped a day to reveal the members’ new looks.
Following behind LDongwooSungjongSung KyuSung Yeol, and Hoya, now Woohyun has revealed his teaser photo, causing jaws to drop over his pretty boy features.

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