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Sabtu, 10 September 2011


9 September:

Rookie girl group April Kiss‘s Xiho has revealed her impressive rap skills through an online video.
Xiho seems to be a person of many talents, as it was only just a few days ago where she revealed that she used to be a part-time teacher in addition to modeling.  In her new video update, she’s seen in comfortable attire covering Nicki Minaj‘s “Girls Fall Like Dominoes“.
The Korean that she raps in at the end is said to be written by herself.  Xiho stated, “‘Girls Fall Like Dominos’ is a song by an artist that I’ve always loved.  It’s a unique and fun rap style, and although I know I’m lacking, I’m glad to have been able to show off a freestyle rap written by myself.  I’ll work even harder to show improvement.”
Netizens praised, “Amazing rap skills, what can she not do?!”, “Imagine her rapping her lessons as a teacher”, and “A freestyle rap with feel!  Looking forward to seeing a self-composed song in your next album.”
Source: Newsen - allkpop
8 September:

April Kiss member Xiho was revealed to have an interesting past.
Currently, she is the main rapper of the group, but back in 2006-2007, she worked as a teacher for a high school in Daejeon.
Having graduated from Gongju University with a major in social education, Xiho was recruited as a teacher for a year for the subject of social sciences.
Going further back, Xiho was revealed to have been a magazine model during her high school years. Her parents were opposed to the idea of her becoming a celebrity, so she decided to focus on her studies. In the end, however, she went back to modeling and made a career in Korea as well as in Hong Kong.
Shiho said, “I like a stable job like that of a teacher, but I gave it up to become a model and a singer, something I’ve wanted since I was young. I am trying hard to become a daughter my parents will be proud of. I will keep showing my improving image, so please cheer me on.”
Fans commented, “Teacher, model, and singer! So cool”, “She really is good at everything. She must be an ambitious one”, and “I wish I could get taught by Xiho.”
Meanwhile, this group is being called ‘barbie-idols’ because they all have Barbie doll-like figures. They are currently promoting their debut song, “Hello Bus“.
Source: DongA via Naver - allkpop

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