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Kamis, 29 September 2011

290911 M!

Super Junior is back with their follow-up track, “A-Cha“, on this week’s episode of  ‘M! Countdown‘!
“A-Cha” is a song about holding onto a lover who seems to be unsure about what she wants. It’s described to be a powerful dance track combining rock and electro house styles with an easy melody and sophisticated rhythm.
Check out their energetic comeback stage below!
Source: allkpop
Mnet’s “M! Countdown” is back with another episode of great performances!
As for the competition for the #1 spot, it was a hot battle between KARA, Davichi and Huh Gak, but in the end, it was Huh Gak who finally clinched a win with “Hello“!
Congratulations to Huh Gak on his amazing ‘M! Countdown’ win! 
Other performers included Super Junior, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, INFINITE,  Huh Gak, Maybee, Davichi, Sung Shi Kyung, Jewelry S, TEEN TOPKim Bo KyungFat Cat, and B1A4.
Check out the performances below!
<KARA> **Goodbye Stage!**
<Jewelry S> **Debut Performance!**
<Kim Bo Kyung> **Comeback Stage!**
<Sung Shi Kyung>
<Fat Cat>
Source: allkpop
After concluding their successful promotions for “Be Mine” from their 1st official album, the boys ofINFINITE are back with ‘Paradise’!
Produced by Sweetune, “Paradise” is noted for its limited use of synthesizers; instead, it incorporates the use of guitar and base, and the grand harmony off strings create a majestic, yet edgy melody. This unique song brings out the best of INFINITE’s charms, and their spectacular live performances prove their status as one of K-pop’s rising stars.
Check out their M! Countdown comeback stage below!
Source: allkpop
Hip hop trio Clover are ready to take you back to the Wild West with their comeback on ‘M! Countdown‘!
For their new song “An Oppa I Know“, Eun Ji WonTyphoon, and Gilme rock the stage as heroes of a Western movie, all while delivering powerful vocals and sizzling raps.
Check out their fun performance below!
Source: allkpop
Fans have been waiting patiently for the Brown Eyed Girls‘ comeback, and the wait is finally over! On today’s episode of ‘Inkigay0‘, the four talented ladies made a comeback with two tracks, “Sixth Sense” and “Hot Shot“.
“Sixth Sense” was co-produced by composer Lee Min Soo and lyricist Kim Eana, a powerful duo who also launched IU and Sunny Hill to the top. The track is considered to be Korea’s very first rhapsody-inspired soul hybrid. Inspired by Shostakovich‘s Leningrad symphony, the song features strong cello performances, a classical arrangement, and soulful vocals, all coming to a climax at the end.
“Hot Shot” was composed by east4A and Lee Min Soo and features a club jazz style bass line at a bpm of 190. The lyrics are also interesting in that it depicts the tension between the narrator and a DJ in a bar. Fans should be keep their ears open for the lounge and Latin elements in the track.
Check out their comeback stage below!
Source: allkpop
On September 29th, TEEN TOP performed a special stage for their fans on Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘!
Through the show’s ‘Fancafe Stage’ corner, the boys performed a medley of popular dance performances that included H.O.T.‘s “We Are The Future“, KARA‘s “Mister“, 2PM‘s “Heartbeat“, and their very own “Don’t Spray Perfume“.
The ‘Fancafe Stage’ is sponsored by portal site Daum and has fans vote for what special stage they want to see on ‘M! Countdown’.  Super Junior was the first group to kick the new corner off, and TEEN TOP grabbed the baton as the second idols voted on stage.
Check out who the surprise special guest is that joins them for the collaboration below!
Source: W Star news via Naver - allkpop
SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong has finally made his debut on ‘M! Countdown’ this week with “Yesterday“!
Though he’s been busy with musicals up until now, the star showed he was in top form as he smoothly delivered strong vocals and crisp dance moves.
Without further ado, check out “Yesterday” below!
Source: allkpop
Singer Kan Mi Youn is making a comeback with a hot new song called “Won’t Meet You“ on ‘M! Countdown’!
The sexy star brought her A-game for the live performance, charming the audience with her sassy attitude, easy-to-follow dance moves, and a catchy melody.
Check out her performance below!
Source: allkpop

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