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Kamis, 08 September 2011

Ki Tae Young

6 September:
Marriage is a huge step in one’s life, so many believe that everything gets turned upside-down once they enter this new phase. Actor Ki Tae Young recently married S.E.S‘s Eugene, and he revealed that contrary to what he thought, marriage life isn’t all that different.

On September 6th, Ki Tae Young attended a production conference for the SBS drama ‘Live with Pride‘, where he chuckled, “I thought that there would be many changes in my life once I got married. But actually I don’t see much difference“.
He then added, “Eugene and I are able to comfortably move around in public now that we’re married. People were saying that we look more laid-back.
Ki Tae Young also revealed that he and Eugene had many discussions about which drama to pick. He said, “Because I’m usually very reserved, she tells me not to worry so much and focus on my acting with the other actors.
For his new drama, Ki Tae Young will play the part of ‘Choi Shin Hyung’, the son of ‘Yun Duk’ (played by Park Jung Soo). Choi Shin Hyung seems like a mama’s boy who seems easily pushed around at first, but when he sees his mother doing hard-labor for his sake, he starts working harder himself in order to not disappoint.
Ki Tae Young commented, “I’ve never played or seen a character like this. You’re going to see a totally different side of me.
Source & Photo: Star News - allkpop

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