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Minggu, 11 September 2011

16th Busan International Film Festival

15 October:
Last week, actress Oh In Hye made headlines with her revealing orange dress at the 16th Busan International Film Festival. Thanks to a plunging neckline, Oh In Hye went from being someone most people never even heard of to being the “Cinderella” of the BIFF.

Naturally, people were curious over her next choice of dress.
On October 14th, the BIFF celebrated its final day, and Oh In Hye stepped out in a dress much different from her first. She personified a “black swan” by donning a black lace dress with feathered detailing and sequins.
Her first dress’ key point was the gaping neckline, but since it drew much controversy, Oh In Hye decided to go with a more modest look for her second dress. By selecting a piece with eye-catching black feathers sewn onto the bust, it seems like she wanted to give a playful nod to her scandal. Her curvaceous figure was outlined more clearly, and tying her hair back allowed her milky-white profile to shine.
While the general consensus is that she made an improvement, netizens pointed out that Oh In Hye made one red carpet faux paus by wearing the same shoes from the previous night.
This dramatic transformation from scandalously sexy to elegant and glamorous allowed Oh In Hye to grab headlines once again.
Photos: Star News 123 - allkpop
11 October:
Actor Jang Geun Suk brought out his highly confident and overzealous personality in front of Logan Lerman.

On the 9th of October, Korean actor Jang Geun Suk and Hollywood actor Logan Lerman kicked off the‘Open Talk’, ‘East Meets West: Today’s Stars on Tomorrow’s Cinema‘ at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).
During the talks, Jang Geun Suk stated, “I always wanted to attend (a film festival), I’ve waited patiently for my time to attend with my own movie.” This year, he was finally able to attend the film festival with his own movie ‘You’re My Pet‘. He portrayed his gratitude for the opportunity to share and spend this wonderful moment with his fans.
He also spoke about his encounter with Logan Lerman. (Logan Lerman is an American actor best known for the title character in the action-adventure movie ‘Percy Jackson & the Olympians‘ (2010).)
He stated, “I am glad to have met a good friend. Now the Prince of Asia will go beyond and across the globe.” Afterwards, Jang Geun Suk confidently stated to Logan Lerman and his fans with a wry smile, “You all don’t think I can go to Hollywood?”
Source + Image: Nate - allkpop

Singer Baek Ji Young‘s beau Jung Suk Won is being coined as the ‘kind and courteous celeb’ by fans.
The actor was recently at the Busan International Film Festival, where he was rushed by hundreds of fans who wanted his autograph as well as photos. Although many celebrities would’ve been daunted by such a crowd, he took the time to be courteous to each one.
His gentlemanly manners were also seen at the press conference for his latest movie, ‘Emergency : Close to the Sun‘, where he stayed until the very end to interact with all of his fans.
His agency stated, “An overseas fan approached him just as he was about to leave and handed him a piece of paper with a pen. There wasn’t anything he could really lean the paper against, so he kneeled and signed the autograph on the stairs.”
The actor proactively promoted his new movie, conducting several interviews at the BIFF ‘Night of the Stars’.
I’m just glad that I have fans that recognize who I am,” Jung Suk Won stated. “This is a place for everyone who’s ever been in movies or those who are complete movie buffs. If given the opportunity, I would come often and work really hard.”
As soon as the BIFF was over, Jung Su Kwon headed straight for Seoul to attend co-star Rain‘sconcert. It showed fans that he was not only courteous and kind to his fans, but that he was a loyal friend as well.
Source : Newsen via Nate - allkpop

9 October:

On the night of the 16th BIFF (Busan International Film Festival), actor Jang Geun Suk made a surprise street performance near Haeundae’s beach.
After attending a showcase at the Lotte Cinema for his movie ‘You’re My Pet‘, the actor paid a visit to the beach at around 11PM.  Jang Geun Suk rolled up his pants and played his guitar, while singing on sand near the shoreline.
Nearby residents and fans alike were utterly shocked by the actor’s sudden visit and immediately surrounded him, cherishing the rare event.  Leaving his celebrity status for a moment, Jang Geun Suk enjoyed the event with the local community, like an average person .
Prior to his surprise performance, the actor tweeted, “If you want to see my performance, come to Haeundae!  Let’s sing along at the beach!  But you have to pay a 1 dollar admission fee.”  Meanwhile, his agency’s official twitter site left a message reading, “Actor Jang is performing at the Haeundae beach.  What a beautiful night.”

On the same day, Jang Geun Suk had lunch at a restaurant in Busan where he did another surprise performance after his meal.  The actor tweeted about the occasion as he left with the following comment, “Performing while at my stay for the BIFF.  I earned 58 bucks!  That’s my lunch price!

On the next day (October 9th), Jang Geun Suk had an open talk with Hollywood star, Logan Lermanat the BIFF Village where countless fans swarmed the area.  Jang Geun shared, “Music is like a big part of my life.  Music touches my soul when I listen to it.  I played my guitar in Haeundae last night for an hour.  It was all unplanned and I earned 158 bucks.”

Check out the trailer for his movie and his special night at the BIFF.

On the same day, Jang Geun Suk had lunch at a restaurant in Busan where he did another surprise performance after his meal.  The actor tweeted about the occasion as he left with the following comment, “Performing while at my stay for the BIFF.  I earned 58 bucks!  That’s my lunch price!
Source + Photos: SportsChosun
On the next day (October 9th), Jang Geun Suk had an open talk with Hollywood star, Logan Lermanat the BIFF Village where countless fans swarmed the area.  Jang Geun shared, “Music is like a big part of my life.  Music touches my soul when I listen to it.  I played my guitar in Haeundae last night for an hour.  It was all unplanned and I earned 158 bucks.”
Check out the trailer for his movie and his special night at the BIFF.
Source: SportsChosun - allkpop
On October 9th for the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), Korean actor Jang Geun Suk and Hollywood actor Logan Lerman kicked off the ‘Open Talk’, ‘East Meets West: Today’s Stars on Tomorrow’s Cinema‘.

Logan Lerman commented, “I’m so surprised and happy that I am able to attend the Busan International Film Festival. The reaction is so hot and warm that it’s good fortune that I can talk in front of a Korean audience.
He also explained his favorite Korean movie with, “I’ve been watching Korean movies on my own carefully. My personal favorite movie is ‘Old Boy‘, directed by Park Chan Wook. When I film movies I keep asking myself questions on one part consistently, but I really respect those who are able to expand on various ways in telling a story.
Jang Geuk Seuk and Logan Lerman also showed off their friendship as they took pictures in front of their many fans.
Source: Dailian via Nate allkpop

On October 9th, actor Jang Geun Suk attended an open discussion at the ‘Busan International Film Festival‘ on topics revolving around the future of the movie industry.
One of the topics that he touched on was the need for reform for child actors.  Having started his career as a child actor himself, Jang Geun Suk gave some valuable insight into the conditions children are forced to endure.
He stated, “Looking back to my past, it feels like I ran nonstop without having the chance to wake up and look around.  There are no laws protecting child actors in Korea or any restrictions as to film time and education.  Child actors here work under vastly different conditions compared to child actors overseas.”
He continued, “I’d film from one morning to the very next morning, and even have to skip school on top of that.  One day, I want to make sure that laws be put in place for the future of our child actors.  I want to ensure that they be given time and freedom to themselves.”
Source: OSEN via Naver - allkpop
On October 8th, thousands of fans and reporters gathered for Song Hye Gyo‘s special movie event for her film, “Today“, at the ‘16th Busan International Film Festival‘.

With a bright smile, she greeted, “I didn’t think so many fans would show up.  Thank you so much, it really is surprising.” Her gala presentation centered around one of the major themes of her movie, ‘forgiveness’.
She began, “I’ve lived life thus far without thinking too much into the act of forgiveness. This movie, however, gave me an opportunity to take a look at it in a different light. I thought about what the act of forgiving really means while immersed in my character, and realized that although there are times you have to forgive, it’s always not the easiest act.”
Song Hye Gyo continued, “After completing this movie, I came to the realization and decision that I will no longer be forgiving people so easily.  I will also not use the word so easily and think twice before using it. Even for the littlest of situations, I will think it over sincerely and genuinely before acting rashly.”
Source + Photos: Sports World via Naver - allkpop

On October 7th, actor Hong Suk Chun uploaded a photo of himself with JYJ through his twitter.

Along with the attached photo, Suk Chun wrote, “With JYJ on the night of BIFF (Busan International Film Festival), do we look awesome or what?  It’s lively in Busan right now.  JYJ fighting!
Netizens could see JYJ and Suk Chun’s ‘hyung and dongsaeng‘ relationship as they cheerfully snapped a photo together while putting their arms around each other.  Interestingly enough, the four of them matched each other well as they donned black outfits which caused many to ask if the photo concept was called, “Black Charisma”.
Upon viewing the picture, netizens commented, “All four of you look slick!” “Suk Chun has so many contacts of celebrities, I’m jealous” and, “Looks like you guys had fun“.
In related news, JYJ attended the “Star Road” event on the 7th at BIFF. 
Source + Photos: Nate - allkpop
8 October:

On October 7th, SBS Radio‘s PowerFM held a live event at Haeundae, titled ‘The 16th Annual Busan International Film Festival Special, Gong Hyung Jin’s CineTown‘. In attendance was Kim SuroPark Yejin, & Jay Park of ‘Mr. Idol‘.
Kim Suro did not disappoint at the event, he was witty and hilarious as usual.  When Jay Park messed up after rapping freestyle, Kim Suro remarked, “This is the beauty of a live show. I like Jay like this, when he’s not all made up to go before a camera or on stage.”
And when DJ Gong Hyung Jin asked if Suro had learned any dance moves from Jay, he humbly answered, “I actually asked Jay to show me some of his dance moves. I danced a lot when I was in my twenties, but I can’t even compare myself to Jay“.
Actress Park Yejin stated that the shoot was so much more enjoyable because of Kim Suro, as he kept everyone on set laughing. “I looked forward to every single scene we had together and I was upset that I didn’t have more,” she said.
Jay Park was then asked, “Was there a time where you couldn’t overcome temptation and compromised yourself as a result?”, to which he responded, “What does that mean?”, evoking laughter from the audience.
Kim Suro stepped in and explained the meaning to Jay, and after understanding the question, Jay answered: “Whether it be acting or making music, I don’t do it if I don’t want to“.
And when he was asked if he was reminded of his 2PM days during the shoot, he replied, “Honestly, I didn’t have enough time to think back. I was too busy focused on acting while preparing my new album at the same time.”
The live radio broadcast takes places from the 7th to the 9th at Haeundae’s Live Stage.
Source : Newsen - allkpop

7 October:

On October 6th, the night of the 16th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), actor Jang Dong Gun and Japanese actor Odagiri Joe enjoyed a night of drinking at a local stall in Haeundae, Busan.
The two actors seem to have bonded closely as they filmed their upcoming, war blockbuster, “My Way” directed by Kang Je Gyu.  The film has already attracted international press as the movie features not only Jang Dong Gun, but Odagiri Joe (Japan) and Chinese actress, Fan Bingbing.
It has been a while since Jang Dong Gun met Odagiri as their last meeting was in Latvia where they filmed their final scene for the movie.  The two looked extremely joyful as they sat down while drinkingsoju.  Director Kang Je Gyu and several other staff members from the movie were also present along with the two actors.
Fans and nearby residents were shocked to see world stars sitting casually sitting in an open area and flocked toward the stall.  It was reported that a handful of bodyguards were present at the scene to protect the actors as they enjoyed the moment.
The two stars will be attending a press conference for their movie on the 8th at Busan’s major multi-project urban development, Centum City.
The film seems to be done on a large scale as it’s production cost was around 30 million USD.  Check out the trailer for the movie below!
Source: mtstarnews via Daum - allkpop

6 October:
On October 6th, we reported that stars dazzled the red carpet for the 16th Busan International Film Festival. While there were many gorgeous ensembles on display, the outfit that generated the most buzz was actress Oh In Hye‘s.

Oh In Hye wore a daring Grecian goddess-inspired dress with a plunging neckline that drew everyone’s attention. It seems she was inspired by the colors of fall, as she rocked a gold clutch and orange glitzy heels. Her jewelry was kept to bare basics in order to not overshadow the dramatic effect of the dress.
Netizens had mixed comments about her outfit, saying, “OMG not classy..”, “Very daring. Fashion takes courage sometimes”, and “Where is the rest of her dress???”
Source + Image: Nate - allkpop
On October 6th, Korea’s top stars gathered at the red carpet event for the ‘16th Busan International Film Festival‘ at the Busan Cinema Center.

A total of 308 films from 70 different countries were invited to partake in the event. Out of those 308 films, 135 will be international premieres.
Since it was a formal affair, many of the stars opted to wear the traditional colors of red and black. The ‘Queen of Red Carpets’, actress Kim So Yeon, set the standards of the dress code by wearing a simple black dress that showed off her enviable figure.
Meanwhile, other stars decided to be more adventurous and stood out with their interesting outfit choices.
Source: allkpop

21 September:

It’s a known fact that Goo Hye Sun acts, writes, draws, directs, and even composes music.  It’s one thing to be able to do them all, and quite another to excel at them. Goo Hye Sun has proven that the arts is her passion, and she’s not daunted by the hectic schedule she’ll be facing in the next few days.
Goo Hye Sun has announced that she’ll be attending the Busan International Film Festival for her movie, “Peach Tree“, all while staying on production schedule for her SBS drama, ”The Musical“.
On September 21st, Goo Hye Sun tweeted, “‘Peach Tree’ will be featured in the BIFF. I’m going as well.” A new picture was attached with the message, which sees Goo Hye Sun monitoring the camera intensely. Although she’s much-loved as an actress, netizens were equally impressed with her image as a director.
They marvelled, “Is there nothing she can’t do?“, “She’s so charming and a good role model“, and “I can’t wait to see what ‘Peach Tree’ will be like!
“Peach Tree” is Goo Hye Sun’s second full-length film that she’s directed, the first being “Magic“.  The movie earned a lot of headlines for featuring top name stars like Cho Seung WooNam Sang Mi, andRyu Duk Hwan.
Check out the first trailer release below!
Source: Arts News - allkpop

8 September:
Actor So Ji Sup and actress Han Hyo Joo‘s film “Only You” (directed by Song Il Gon) has been selected as the opening film for the prestigious Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

“Only You” will be presented at the BIFF which will open on October 6th. The stars of the movie, So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo are scheduled to make appearances for the red carpet event as well.
According to the BIFF committee, “Only You” was selected because, “Director Song Il Gon created a film that is not superficial, but is visually worthwhile and captures the senses“.
The organization committee added, “Unlike other usual mellow tearjerker drama films, this film shows the director’s unique restraint and style of deep sadness. ‘Only You’ went beyond to convey emotions that the audience could better relate to.
“Only You” is about the fate-like love story between Chul Min (So Ji Sup) and Jung Hwa (Han Hyo Joo). The film will be released to the public in October.
Source: My Daily via Nate - allkpop

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