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Sabtu, 24 September 2011

KARA - Super Junior

28 September:
On September 28th, KARA‘s Park Gyuri celebrated Shindong‘s birthday with a sweet cake and a message! The two are co-DJs on popular radio program, ’Shimshimtapa‘.

Gyuri had tweeted, “Shindong oppa’s birthday is today, September 28th!  Happy birthday, Dongie oppa!  Everyone, please wish him a happy birthday!”
The Super Junior member replied, “Gyuri was the very first person to wish me a happy birthday!  She’s definitely an amazing woman.”
The ‘Shimshimtapa’ official Twitter shared a picture of the two posing before Gyuri’s birthday cake. Shindong celebrated Gyuri’s birthday back in May by giving her a watch made out of Legos, so netizens were happy to see Gyuri return the kind gesture with a cake.
Netizens commented, “I can feel Gyuri’s feelings in her words”, “First person to congratulate him! Wow!”, and “I can really sense their close friendship.”
Source + Photos: X Sports News via Naver - allkpop

23 September:

Super Junior’s Shindong had fans howling with laughter over his hilarious dance duringKARA‘s encore stage on ‘Music Bank‘ last night!
On September 23rd, KARA took home the K-Chart after beating SISTAR for the #1 spot. MaknaeKang Jiyoung commented, “Even though we just recently came out with our promotions, thank you so much for the love you’ve given us, thank you!
On this day, Shindong carried out the bet he made with Park Gyuri, in which Shindong had to dance in front of everyone if KARA were to win #1. When it came time for the encore stage, Shindong grabbed the microphone stand, and did a parody of KARA’s “Step” dance with a pseudo-serious expression, causing everyone (the girls included!) to laugh uncontrollably.
Meanwhile, the KARA members also performed the dance to SISTAR’s “So Cool” on stage, fulfilling a bargain they made with SISTAR earlier that evening.
Check out Shindong’s hilarious dance below!
Source: Review Star - allkpop

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