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Kamis, 29 September 2011

Secret Album

1 Feb:

Before the release of their second Japanese single, the girls of SECRET have decided to give fans a taste of what to expect with a music video!
“So Much For Goodbye” showcases a different side to the girls as a sweet, slow-tempo ballad. With this song, the girls showcase their ability to convey their emotions through their facial expressions, as well as through their song.
SECRET will be releasing their second Japanese single will be released on February 29th before embarking on their first Japanese tour.
Checkout their PV below!
Source: allkpop
14 November:

Girl group SECRET will be releasing their mini-album ‘Shy Boy‘ in Japan on the 16th to officially kick off their Japanese promotions.
Released in Korea this past January, “Shy Boy” earned the girls their first K-Chart win since their debut.
Their agency TS Entertainment reported through a press release, “The mini album has six songs in total, and the girls have sang each song in Japanese. They have also re-mixed ‘Starlight Moonlight‘ into a Christmas song and named it ‘Christmas Magic‘ for the album. They will also include three of the songs on their 1st Korean album, and the Japanese version of “La La La“.
SECRET has previously released their “Shy Boy” MV teaser via their official Japanese homepage (http://www.secret-jpn.com/) and are already receiving much interest from fans.
The girls who are currently in Japan will be holding a ‘Shy Boy Album Release Party’ at the BRITZ in Akasaka on November 16th.
After gaining much attention and fame in Korea, their success is expected to carry over in Japan as well.
Source: allkpop

8 November:

VIa tokyohive:
With their mini-album “Shy Boy” set to release in Japan on November 16th, four-member girl group SECRET has released the complete PV (music video) for their track, “CHRISTMAS MAGIC” today!
A remake of SECRET’s previous hit, “Starlight Moonlight”, this release gives the Korean track a Christmas twist, with a cheery holiday mix to the original beat and a winter-themed PV that features the four ladies getting ready for Christmas.
SECRET is currently promoting their latest Korean track, “Love Is Move” back in their homeland, but stay tuned for more updates on these ladies’ upcoming activities in Japan!
Source: allkpop

1 November:

Even though Thanksgiving has yet to come, the anticipation for Christmas is already in the air! Today,SECRET has joined in for the early holiday cheer by releasing an audio teaser for “Christmas Magic“, which is a Japanese remake of their Korean hit, “Starlight Moonlight” with a holiday twist.
SECRET has been receiving lots of love from their Japanese fans and plans to release their Japanese mini album ‘Shy Boy‘ on November 16.
Check out the teaser and Japanese lyrics on the Sony Music website!
Source: Sony Music, Segye - allkpop

29 October:

Girl group SECRET made a vivacious comeback with “Love is Move“, and they’ve certainly rocked K-Pop fans worldwide with their catchy tune.
“Love is Move” saw an image transformation that fused glamorous with spunk, a trait that’s quickly becoming synonymous as the group’s trademark. What fans love about SECRET is their down-to-earth charm, which they got to see plenty of through TS Entertainment‘s latest upload on YouTube.
The agency shared a ‘making-of’ video made up of clips from their MV set and photoshoot. There’s something for everyone, whether it’s a group shot or quirky individual clips that reveal the members’ unique colors.
Check it out below!
Source: allkpop

17 October:

2011 marks a wild year for girl group SECRET, who made huge leaps in their career with their two singles “Shy Boy” and “Starlight Moonlight“. To cap it all off, they’ve finally unleashed their very first full-length album titled, “Moving In Secret“.
Comprised of 10 tracks, the album takes elements from a variety of genres to express a personality that’s unique to SECRET.
Check out some of the select tracks their album below, and don’t forget to support the girls bypurchasing their album here.
1. Love is MOVE (사랑은 MOVE)
2. Sexily (섹시하게)
5. AMAZINGER (Zinger Solo)
Source: allkpop

13 October:
Earlier today, SECRET revealed a teaser for their “Love is MOVE” music video through various music sites such as Melon and Naver.

“Love is MOVE” has already captured the interest of netizens with sexy outfits that show off the member’s figures, a sexy wave dance from “bagel girl” Hyosung, and the song’s addictive hook line, “come on”.
TS Entertainment revealed that the concept this time around was inspired by Betty Boop. They stated, “Betty Boop was a popular cartoon character back in the ’70s that caused a sensation for her cute face and sexy figure. The Betty Boop character is still an icon to many women because of her ability to speak her mind while still maintaining her feminine charisma. The idea behind Betty Boop seemed to match the haughty and confident image that SECRET is trying to express for this concept.”
The full music video for “Love is MOVE” will be revealed on October 18th along with the release of their 1st official album.
Today is also Hyosung’s birthday, so let’s all wish her a happy birthday!
Source: allkpop
12 October:

TS Entertainment has just released a MV teaser for SECRET‘s comeback song, “Love is MOVE” through their official YouTube channel!
The girls are back with a glamorous image and a loud swing sound. The MV teaser seems to hint at a more sassy attitude, a la “Madonna“.
Check out their MV teaser below, and stay tuned for more SECRET updates!
Source: allkpop

11 October:
Photos of SECRET members Ji Eun and Hyosung have been unveiled ahead of the group’s first official album release!

SECRET’s management TS Entertainment announced via press release the title of SECRET’s 1st official album, ‘Moving in Secret’, as well as releasing some teaser photos for eager fans. Following the release of teaser photos of Sunhwa and Zinger, photos of Hyosung and Ji Eun were released.
In the teaser photos, publicly renowned ‘bagel-girl’ (a baby face with a glamorous body) Hyosung’s strengths shined as she seductively posed with an attire revealing her sexy figure, where Ji Eun broke out of her former pure image like Sunhwa and Zinger with a breathtaking side-profile shot
Netizens commented, “SECRET’s charisma! I’m anxious!”, “They got prettier”, “SECRET official album DAEBAK!”.
TS Entertainment explained that the album title ‘Moving in Secret’ symbolizes SECRET’s magnetism, expecting the public that gained interest in SECRET to fall deeper into their appeals through the album.

As SNSD is scheduled to come back on October 19th, SECRET is faced with an unavoidable head-to-head competition. The main attraction for hungry netizens now is which group will be under the spotlight at the end of the season.

Source: allkpop

9 October:
On October 18th, SECRET will be coming out with their first studio album since their debut two years ago, so anticipation is running high in the industry.

TS Entertainment revealed that the girls will be stepping away from their retro cute charm like their past two comebacks, as they’ll instead be going for a ‘dark angel’ concept.
Representatives stated, SNSD‘s comeback is said to be scheduled for the third week of this month – the same week as SECRET’s – but we won’t be avoiding them and will be going head to head.”

The girls have been on a roll thus far with ever release since their debut in 2009 and are well on the rise to becoming a top tier girl group so the statement doesn’t come as a stretch.  With cute looks, glamorous styles, and addictive songs to boot, SECRET will be giving a lot of girl groups a run for their money this time.

They’re also simultaneously juggling their Japanese promotions, so it’s a busy but fruitful year for the girls.  Stay tuned for more information on their comeback!

Source + Photos: Newsis via Nate - allkpop
8 October:

Girl group SECRET has released the full PV for their second Japanese single, “Shy Boy“.
They filmed a whole new video that still follows the sequence and theme of their Korean MV, but with fresh shots and angles.
Check out their PV and tell us which version you prefer in the comment box below!
SECRET will also be releasing their 1st full-length album on October 18th, so be stay tuned to allkpopfor updates!
Source: allkpop
6 October:

Girl group SECRET will be making a comeback on October 18th, and they’ve just released teaser photos for their first full-length album!
The girls have been enjoying strong success in the first half of the year, topping music charts with their singles “Shy Boy” and “Starlight Moonlight“. Additionally, member Song Ji Eun‘s solo track “Going Crazy” became a sensation for its powerful lyrics and artistry. Their agency, TS Entertainment, stated that this will be SECRET’s first full-length album since their debut two years ago.

In the photos, Han Sunhwa poses as a dark angel in a all-black ensemble, showing off her slender waist as she throws her hair back provocatively. Fellow member Zinger became a ‘Sexy Vixen’, dressed in a black top with a plunging neck line.

SECRET will be going head-to-head against the ladies of SNSD, who are scheduled to be make their own comeback in the third week of October. The competition between the two groups will be interesting to see, as SNSD’s “The Boys” and the MV for SECRET’s title song were both directed by JohnnyBros‘ Hong Won Gi.

Source: allkpop

28 September:

Girl group SECRET recently debuted in Japan with “Madonna“, and they’ve decided to follow up with another Japanese remake of a hit track! This time, they’ll be promoting “Shy Boy“, which will be released on November 16th.
Previews of the girls’ new MV recently hit the web, and it shows that they’ve gone ahead and filmed new scenes for the Japanese version. Check out the previews below, and stay tuned to allkpop for more updates!
Source: allkpop

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