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Minggu, 25 September 2011


25 Mar:

After releasing the MV for their title track, “Hey You”, CNBLUE has released their third mini album, ‘EAR FUN’!
With the leader, Jung Yonghwa, participating in the composition of every song in the release in addition to being the solo composer of “In My Head“, the third mini album tracks holds the genuine voice and music style of CNBLUE.
With music videos for “Hey You” and Still In Love, check out the additional tracks below!
Dream Boy
Rock n’ Roll
In My Head

Source: allkpop

CNBLUE has finally released their much anticipated MV of “Hey You“, the title track of their third mini album, ‘Ear Fun‘.
The music video showcases the behind-the-scenes and the performance, in which the boys pour their passion and soul as they give a heart stopping performance.
Check out the MV below while waiting for the full third mini album to be released on March 27th.

Source: allkpop
18 Mar:

With their third mini-album ‘EAR FUN‘ making its arrival soon, the band CNBLUE has just revealed its first solo video teaser!
Showcasing the talents of bass guitarist and vocalist member Jung Shin, the teaser is just short of thirty seconds and gives the public an audio teaser of what CNBLUE’s upcoming release will sound like.
Tell us if you like what you see and hear below!

Source: allkpop
15 Mar:

CNBLUE have released Yonghwa‘s self-composed track off of their upcoming mini-album along with a video of the song-recording process!
The song titled “Still In Love” was released on various digital sites on March 16th, along with a special video on YouTube that shows the process of the members’ recording session. This music video gives more anticipation to the fans who are eagerly awaiting for the release of their 3rd mini album ‘Ear Fun‘ on March 27th.

Source: allkpop
13 Mar:

CNBLUE will be releasing Yonghwa‘s self-composed track off of their upcoming mini-album along with a video of the song-recording process!
The song will be released on various digital sites on March 16th, along with a special video on YouTubethat shows the process of the members’ recording session. Fans are already highly anticipating their comeback album ever since the release of their teaser website back on the 8th.
As reported earlier, the website is currently running an event that allows fans to match up different spellings of a cube to guess the album’s new title track.
FNC Music stated, “CNBLUE has been busy with their international activities, but they’ve been preparing a lot for their comeback as well. There’s a different color in this album that is still CNBLUE’s own.”
In related news, CNBLUE recently completed a concert with labelmates F.T. Island in Los Angeles and are now back home to finish up their album.
Source: Asia Today via Naver - allkpop

9 January:

Via tokyohive:
After wrapping up a winter tour in Tokyo last December, CNBLUE is starting the new year with a new Japanese single titled “Where You Are“! Having released a thirty-second teaser two weeks ago,Warner Music Japan revealed the full PV to the public today.
Written and composed by member Yonghwa, “Where You Are” is receiving already receiving widespread praise both in Japan and Korea. Jonghyun also delivers a guitar solo that reaffirms CNBLUE’s status as a talented rock band.
The single is scheduled to be released on February 1st. Until then, check out the full PV below:
Source: Youtube - allkpop

27 December:

Having wrapped up their successful 2011 winter tour, “Here In My Head, earlier this month, the boys are now ready to get back in the market with a new song!
Fans that attended the concert got to hear the chorus for their upcoming February release, “Where You Are“. Now fans all over the world can enjoy it, as Warner Music Japan has released a 30 second teaser music video on their official YouTube page.
Scheduled for release on February 1st, the single includes four songs, including “Where You Are” and “Get Away” (both written by Yonghwa), “Feeling” (written by Jonghyun), and an instrumental. The DVD edition includes live performances, a music video, and a special feature.
Check out the teaser below!
Source: allkpop

26 September:

Pop-rock band CNBLUE has finally released their Japanese MV for their major debut single, “In My Head“.
As seen in their preview, the boys perform in a dark room with various debris raining all around them. Lightbulbs and televisions smash spectacularly on the set, giving the video a melancholic feel.
Check it out below!
Source: allkpop
25 September:

via tokyohive:
On September 25th, the Korean band CNBLUE talked about their upcoming major label debut at a press conference at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Kanagawa.
After building up their fanbase in Japan and even performing as the opening act for Linkin Park, the band is finally going to make their major label debut under Warner Music Japan with their single “In My Head“. They first came to Japan as an indies band in the summer of 2009 and have made more than 100 performances on the street and music clubs within just six months.
All the effort back then helped improve their music and now they are on the level to stand next to popular domestic bands such as flumpoolONE OK ROCKBUMP OF CHICKEN, and others.
They commented, “We’ve been active as an indies band since 2009 and have improved a lot since then. Now that are going to have our major label debut, we’d like to continue to improve ourselves.” Further they added, “We are really happy, but we hope that we will be able to keep the same feeling we had during our time as an indies band.” With a smile they proclaimed, “We’d like to become as big as B’z!
After the interview they went to perform songs from their second indies album at the Yokohama Arena, and were amazed by the huge venue. They said, “We are really happy that we get to hold our last concert as an indies band at such a huge venue. We’d like to work hard in order to stay in our fans’ hearts!
Source: Oricon - allkpop

23 September:

We previously reported that CNBLUE would be making their major Japanese debut with their single, “In My Head. Their MV teaser has finally been released, and we’re liking what we’re seeing!
The video has an overall dark and eerie vibe to it, but the boys are just oozing charisma as they rock out to their latest single. CNBLUE is opting for a more masculine style this time around, and smashing objects in the background definitely adds onto the rock nature of the song.
CNBLUE will release their major debut single on October 19th.
Source: allkpop

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