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Senin, 05 September 2011

Lee Minwoo

5 September:
Lee Minwoo revealed that Shinhwa‘s planned comeback for the spring of 2012 is going well.

Minwoo is currently on a holiday from serving in the army and coincidentally met Star News on September 4th. During the meeting he was asked, “Is Shinhwa’s comeback going well?“, to which he replied with, “Yes.
Lee Minwoo showed off a healthier look and stated, “I’m in regular contact with the members“, indicating that his 13 years of friendship between the Shinhwa members is still going strong.
Debuting in 1998, Shinhwa, composed of EricDongwan, Minwoo, Jun Jin, and Andy, is the longest lasting idol group in the nation.
In addition to Lee Minwoo, Andy is also currently serving his military service. After Minwoo returns from the army, Shinhwa plans to comeback with a new album in the spring of 2012.
Source: Star News - allkpop

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